Accreditation in change management

APMG has a diverse portfolio of certification schemes including internationally renowned solutions for project, business and IT management, Cyber Security and Public-private partnerships. 

Established in 1993 APMG’s certification schemes, exam and accreditation services have always supported their goal of enabling organisations and professionals to maximise their effectiveness through use of the latest methodologies and core competencies.  

APMG has received UKAS accreditations for excellent service.

Change Management Foundation

With the Change Management Foundation you will be able to understand the basic principles of achieving successful organisation, change, transition and transformation. 

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Change Management Practitioner

With the Change Management Practitioner you will be recognised as a dependable manager of organisational change. A Change Management Foundation qualification is required before study

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Over 90% of classroom learning is lost within 30 days, whereas online learning improves test scores in 84% of students

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