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5 ways a growth mindset helps to advance your career

To get real job satisfaction, you need to change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Researcher, psychologist and author Carol Dweck says these two mindsets can significantly affect your life and career satisfaction.

Here are 5 ways that having a growth mindset helps to advance your career:

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1. A growth mindset will lead to higher achievement

Dweck said that many people think their intellect and talent is fixed, and therefore, they can’t do anything to change that. They think, for example, they’ve never been a writer, so they never will be; or they don’t understand technology so they’re stuck in a set way of doing things. This fixed mindset creates a misguided assumption, which can allow negative thoughts to stunt growth and aspiration.

A growth mindset will allow you to understand that intelligence isn’t set at birth, and you can enhance your abilities. Through this, you’ll achieve higher and learn better, thus creating more opportunities for your career and for yourself.

 2. Knowledge is power, so keep learning

A growth mindset is lifelong learning. You can never know too much, so enrol in that course you’ve always wanted to do, get that qualification you have always dreamed about, and upskill yourself to get that promotion. The only thing stopping you is your mindset.

By stamping out that fixed mindset, you’ll begin to see that consistently learning is the key to success. The more you know, the more your career will advance and your satisfaction in your job will increase.

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3. Develop positive habits

Negative thought processes and negative habits can be caused by a fixed mindset. People who don’t think they can get further than they are in their life or career have often convinced themselves of the fact simply by having a fixed mindset.

By changing your mindset to one of growth, you can kick those negative habits and develop positive ones that lead to success and career advancement. The brain has an ability to change throughout life, so it’s not impossible to change your ways. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to acknowledge your weaknesses and embrace your mistakes to learn from them.

4. Achieve successful outcomes

If you’re wanting a new job, a promotion, or just more challenges in your current position, a growth mindset will help you get cracking on a new track. Of course, learning is the key to achieving successful outcomes, so look into some courses or training that will help you develop new skills to become indispensable and use your newfound confidence to climb the ladder.

With a growth mindset, you can set goals, task yourself with achieving them, and celebrate successful outcomes. A fixed mindset won’t allow for positive goal setting and achievement because you’ve consciously made the decision to stay still instead of advance your skills, knowledge and career.

Dweck’s research is based on the idea that the traits we deem to be our personality are not static and therefore we can change to become what we wish to achieve. With the mindset that we can grow and change in accordance with what we aspire to be, we can really achieve because a growth mindset thrives on challenge. This positive mindset sees failure as an opportunity to learn and advance, rather than evidence of failure. 

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5. Unshackle yourself from a negative mindset

The view you adopt for yourself and your life profoundly affects the way you live. This view can determine whether you become the person you strive to be and whether or not you accomplish the things you value. This mindset has the potential to dramatically alter the way you live and learn. By allowing yourself to focus on lifelong learning and striving to be more, you can unshackle yourself from negativity and make more positive choices, thus advancing your career.

Start by seeking to develop your skills and enhancing your abilities. By focusing on learning, rather than seeking approval, you can fast track your change of mindset, which will help advance your career through positive thinking and newfound skills. 

People with a growth mindset are very committed to learning and improving. They know life and learning is a process, therefore they continue learning and accepting they will never know everything, but instead allow themselves to be educated consistently. Learning thoroughly rather than learning quickly is another commitment of a person with a growth mindset. They learn from mistakes, try again, and accept it’s all about the process, rather than the end result. With this in mind, you can learn well and retain the knowledge. 

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