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5 ways the Code Institute course prepares you for a career in code

In as little as 12 weeks you can change your career and ultimately, your life. Pretty bold statement, eh? 

Well if you’ve been dreaming of learning how to code and achieving a career in coding then with The Code Institute, you really can change your life.

The Code Institute ‘s courses are globally recognised, university accredited coding courses that have been voted some of the best coding bootcamps in the world. Their training not only provides you with the knowledge to jumpstart a career in coding – they offer the opportunity to gather a portfolio which will allow you to learn the skills you need to thrive within a coding role. Here are the 5 ways a Code Institute course will prepare you for a career in code:

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1. Flexibility

Do you need the flexibility to learn in a way that suits you and your lifestyle? Then a Code Institute course is for you.

Whilst this course can be learned full time at bootcamps, if you’ve got primary commitments and aren’t able to enrol full-time, you can easily learn online. This means your education is fully in your hands – you can learn at your own pace, in your own time and from anywhere in the world. The course is designed to encourage structured development and provides full online mentorship through the Code Institute.


2. The latest tools

There is a slight difference in the focus of each bootcamp, but they all provide you will the relevant skills needed for a career in coding.

The course evolves to keep up with the changes in technology and trends, to ensure that you are always ahead of the curve in terms of what is being used in the industry. This is worlds apart from a traditional university degree where you might find your skills are outdated by the time you graduate.

The Code Institute’s instructors are working professionals, allowing them to bring their valuable industry experience straight into the classroom. As well as this incredible insight, the course also utilises the industry based working group, Industry Advisory Council, to create a syllabus that includes the exact skills that employers are looking for.

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3. Collaboration

There is definitely a stereotype of a coder – hood up, earphones in, a strong black coffee and not a lot of social interaction. But in reality, a career in development involves a lot of teamwork. Try this website for a list of online networking tools for programmers – 8 best free collaborative tools.

Another huge aspect is working effectively with clients; listening and interpreting their briefs and ongoing communication throughout the process of a project. 

The environment of the boot camp enables you to develop these crucial teamwork and communication skills, working with others within the boot camp. Not only does this set you up brilliantly for collaborative work within your job, it always allows you to learn together, learning from each other’s mistakes and successes.


4. Portfolio

A strong portfolio demonstrating your work is key step to securing a job in the coding industry. The portfolio should include all relevant work including projects from previous jobs, open source and personal projects.

The Code Institute understand the importance of a solid portfolio, so they ensure that students create projects coded from scratch that can be demonstrated in a portfolio, reflecting the various skills involved.


5. Career preparation

Graduates of the course frequently comment on the impact that doing the course has had on their careers, with one such graduate saying ‘The course was challenging and rewarding in equal measure and is a great opportunity for anyone wanting a career change, a fresh challenge or the chance to solve problems on a daily basis’.

The coding bootcamps are designed to get students job-ready, which coupled with the Learning People CV detox team who help you prepare a stand-out CV, is a recipe for success.

Meeting and networking with recruitment companies and employers is also important for securing a job. Bootcamps work closely with potential employers to find great job opportunities for their graduates.

A huge benefit of the course is the work-ethic it naturally instills it its students, you get as much out of the experience as you put in and the collaborative nature of the bootcamps allows for some healthy competitive spirit. Students that work hard and take advantage of all of the teachings and assets available will see the most improvement and secure the best jobs afterwards.

Students from all over the world learn to become professional software developers in less than a year from this course and go on to work for big names such as IBM, Apple, Twitch and Aladdin, to name a few. 

Did you know 85% of our students here at the Learning People become employed within 6 months of completing their training with us. 

There is a huge coding skills shortage and it has been well reported that businesses are actively looking for candidates with the skillset that you will learn from this course, making it a sure-thing that you will find your dream job within this industry. The same definitely cannot be said for most other jobs.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now and begin the process of creating your dream career.