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Our project management student success stories

Natalie Roberts, aged 29


Reason for enrolling:

Natalie enrolled with Learning People in April 2020. After her travel plans got put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she wanted to upskill so she could progress in her organisation and get promoted. She had been working on projects within her role but wanted to move up into Project Management. Natalie felt she had the skills to succeed in this role but needed to validate her experience and get formal certifications to ensure she would get that promotion.


Natalie loved working with StudentCareTM  throughout her studies. She had regular calls with David in our StudentCareTM team to help guide her through the certifications. She found this extremely helpful and was able to stay on track. Natalie passed all of her exams on the first attempt, and puts this down to the consistent support and encouragement from StudentCareTM.

Career Services 

Natalie began working with Career Services after passing her first certification. She had an initial consultation to go over her CV and get it looking the best it possibly could, and then received guidance from Career Services on navigating conversations with her current employer to give her the best shot at being promoted into a Project Management role. She had support with the interview process and with optimising her LinkedIn profile. We are delighted to say that Natalie has now been promoted and is working as a Senior Adviser, running a projects team.

The results




Natalie says:

“When I first joined Learning People I felt so well-informed. Conor, who enrolled me, explained everything to me so well and answered all my questions so I felt very at ease. The platform for the training was extremely easy to use and I like how easily it showed the progress through the course. David supported me throughout my studies. He was in regular contact, and whenever we spoke he was extremely friendly and always so helpful. I had no issues and would definitely recommend David to anyone – he was great!

“The Career Services team assisted me exactly how I needed support. They helped me get my CV looking the best it has ever looked and made me more confident writing cover letters with the guidance they provided. It definitely helped me on my journey to a new role – Senior Adviser, Pre-Trial Services Programme. I really enjoyed my experience studying with Learning People! 5 stars!!”

Brian van der Westhuizen, aged 46


Reason for enrolling:

Brian had been working within IT in a Software Development role. He did not have certifications and felt that having these would allow him to take a step forward and advance his career. After speaking with one of our Senior Career Consultants, Tessa, Brian knew that taking the plunge and gaining these certifications was the best decision he could make.


Brian loved the support our StudentCareTM team offered. He utilised this service and had help with a study plan to ensure he kept on track to finish his certifications.

Brian had regular calls with StudentCareTM which kept him focused and on top of his training. He was working in a full-time role throughout studying and at times felt as though he went off track, but Mikayla really helped to guide him through and get him up to speed.

Career Services 

Brian began working with Career Services early on, as he wanted to learn the best ways of networking with potential employers on LinkedIn and other job boards. Julia guided him through this and offered advice so that he could passively research the market. Career Services also reviewed Brian’s CV and offered recommendations to ensure he looked highly professional and could market himself in the best way. After progressing further through his certifications he began actively applying for roles. In February 2021, Brian successfully gained a role as a Software Development Project Manager. This was the perfect next step for Brian, and he knows that upskilling and gaining his certifications has paid off.

The results

Brian says:

Since the first contact Tessa Walsh has treated my inquiry with a personal touch after which she took 3 days to invest in my career profile and established a constructive plan for what I was after as the next step in my career. Julia Geare of the careers team have also made priceless contributions of which their professional courtesy and exceptional assistance really made an impact of which I would recommend the services to any person at any given time.

I have successfully gained employment in Web Dev PM, and put it down to everything I learnt while training with Learning People and the amazing support from Mikayla in StudentCareTM and the rest of the team. There were a few times I went off track with training, but Mikayla really helped to guide me through and get me back on track.”

Michael Kaye

Reason for enrolling:Student_profiles_blog_Michael_K

Michael had a long and successful career within Engineering and was wanting to take the next step and gain a promotion with his current employer. He was advised to upskill by his employer and certify internationally in PRINCE2®, Michael enrolled with the Learning People in November 2020.


Michael was an outstanding student and took on board the advice of his StudentCareTM Consultant and followed the process very well. He was a self-motivated student and managed his schedule of work and study, and drew on his support within the Learning People StudentCareTM team when needed.

Michael showed dedication and perseverance which allowed him to work through his certifications quickly. StudentCareTM offered him guidance throughout this process and helped Michael with anything he was unsure of.

Career Services 

Because Michael was already employed and seeking to upskill for his current role, Career Services needed to act slightly differently and provided him with a tailored support process to support him through this journey. Career Service supported him by assisting him navigate through the changes to his new role and promotion.

The results

Michael says:

As a Project Engineer I was looking to upskill with an industry recognised qualification in project management and add another tool to the toolbelt to continue delivering successful projects. For me, PRINCE2®’s principles and methodology resonated with my requirements.

I partnered with The Learning People who have been very supportive throughout my journey as I successfully completed the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner qualifications. Their dedicated StudentCareTM team were highly competent, responsive and genuinely keen to see students succeed.

The training supported a range of learning styles using videos, exercises, and self reading which all aligned well with the final examination so there were no surprises. The online platform was very easy and intuitive to use, with training modules that matched the textbook structure and because the training was self paced, I found it worked well around a busy work and home life. 

I apply the PRINCE2®principles daily with confidence, and it has given me new skills and a language to better manage projects. For anyone working on projects, I would highly recommend this training. I look forward to continuing my relationship with The Learning People to gain my Agile Practitioner qualification next. “

Chaniel Ramos, aged 40

Reason for enrolling:Student_profiles_blog_Chaniel_R

Chaniel enrolled with the Learning People in October 2020. Chaniel is originally from the Philippines and had around 18 years of experience in the IT sector. Shortly arriving in Australia, Chaniel realised that he would need relevant industry certifications to be validate his previous experience in the Philippines and make it relevant to the Australian market. Chaniel then got in touch with the team at Learning People.


Chaniel began working extremely hard on his certifications right away. He engaged with the Student Care team and utilised their services to ensure he could complete his studies promptly. Chaniel showed dedication and perseverance which allowed him to work through his certifications quickly. Student Care offered him guidance throughout this process and helped Chaniel with anything he was unsure of.

Career Services 

Chaniel began working with Career Services within his first week of enrolment. He was extremely motivated to move into a role that would allow him to utilise his IT background. Julia in Career Services guided him through this process. She initially reviewed his CV and LinkedIn profile and offered recommendations for change. Chaniel took all our advice on board and began networking on LinkedIn and applying for roles on various job boards. All Chaniel’s hard work paid off and he is now employed as a Project Officer within the IT sector.

The results

Chaniel says:

“I am very pleased about my experience with Learning People as I took my Project Management certifications. From the onset, they provided excellent customer service by giving a call back the day after I enquired. One of the Career Consultants, Tyler King, discussed the whole package and answered my questions.

The Director also booked an appointment with me and that call sealed the deal. Throughout my learning journey, I was very happy with all the support and timely feedback I received from one of their StudentCareTM Consultants, David. He truly was instrumental in helping me earn my PMP certification.

On top of the certification, the bonus from it all is Career Services. I was looking for a job at the time I was studying and Julia provided helpful inputs and feedback to put me in a good position to land a job.

True enough, I have been blessed to earn my certification and get a job at the same time. I highly recommend Learning People to anyone who would like to upskill their credentials through self-study.”

Camila Silva, aged 40Camila-Silva

Reason for enrolling:

Camila enrolled with us after she was made redundant. She was looking to upskill and get internationally certified so that she could increase her skills, knowledge and increase her employability for a new role. 


Camila worked closely with David from our StudentCareTM  team and was a very motivated and diligent student. Passing each of her PRINCE2® certifications and her PMP helped increase her confidence. All her examinations were sat remotely and she passed with flying colours.

Career Services

Camila started working with Julia from Career Services to boost her employability. She took on the advice Julia gave her for updating her CV, LinkedIn profile and started working with recruitment agencies.  She quickly secured many interviews and our Career Services team supported her with personalised interview preparation for each.

The results


Camila says:

“Robin, Julia and David have been amazing during my journey to get my project management certifications and into a new job. Robin explained to me in detail what I was about to get from the courses, both PRINCE2® and PMP, the international recognition I was getting and he definitely gave me the confidence to buy the courses and start this journey.

Once I started David from StudentCareTM called and introduced himself as the person to contact if I had any questions about the courses, technical issues and he sends an email monthly just to check up on my general progress. 

About a month later Julia from Career Services contacted me and has been extremely supportive, she read my resume, gave me some tips on how to do minor changes and has given me the confidence that I lost in May 2019 when I was made redundant, back. 

Every time I was going to go to an interview I would send the position description to Julia for her to give me some tips on the key words they might be looking for, she guided me through the last one, and said “I’m confident you will get it.” 

I’m extremely happy to say I got that job offer. It has been a difficult year on so many levels, and we all get frustrated to get rejections, but perseverance pays off. I started my Project Management certifications journey to get this piece of the puzzle moving and I’m so happy I listened to Robin that day, as without making that decision who knows what would have happened. 

Congratulations to the whole team, you rock! If you are thinking about getting PRINCE2® or PMP certifications, do not hesitate to contact Learning People, they know how to help you and give you your confidence back.”

Zac Cole, aged 23

Reason for enrolling:Student_profiles_blog_Zac_C

Zac enrolled with Learning People in June 2020. He had been working as a Service Desk Analyst and assisting on some projects. After working in fairly entry level roles, Zac wanted to upskill and get a role as a Project Manager within the IT sector.


Zac had never completed any online learning, he was worried about the idea of not having face to face lecturers or tutors. He immediately overcame these fears by engaging with the StudentCareTM team. They consistently communicated with Zac and made sure he was on track with his studies and had all the support he needed to get through his certifications. Zac loved the support he received from StudentCareTM and feels that this really helped him get through his training quickly.

Career Services 

Zac listened to all the advice he received from Career Services and found this service very helpful. He had a consultation on his CV, LinkedIn, and assistance with various cover letters. Zac found that having these certifications behind him opened a lot of doors to opportunities in Project Management. The Career Services team guided him through the hiring process, and ensured he was in the best position to successfully gain a new role. Zac is now working as a Project Manager, and is extremely happy he made the decision to complete these certifications.

The results

Zac says:

My consultation was really, really well done. Basically from me putting in my application to show that I was interested I had a response within a couple of days, so that was very positive.

During the initial stages, I was nervous about learning how to learn online while not having a lecturer or tutor being right there to be able to talk to face to face. This was overcome by the constant calls from the Learning People support centre and the emails that went back and forth. So this was really well received and that aided me with any questions or queries that I had.

Overall the course and the certifications that I completed has enabled me to land a job as a Project Manager. The response that I had from job applications that I had done after I completed this was amazing. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and it doesn’t just apply for IT projects, it applies for all projects in general. So, no matter what industry you’re in the CAPM and thePRINCE2® certifications will definitely help.”

Hear more about Zac’s career journey and studies with us in his video testimonial:

Reece WatkinsLearning People| Reece Watkins project management student

Reason for enrolling:

Reece was working as an Electrical Contractor and Foreman but wanted to take his career to the next level. He wanted the right internationally-recognised certifications to ensure he was confident in the most relevant and up to date project management methodologies.


StudentCareTM provided Reece with a bespoke study plan and supported him with time management to help him stay on track with his studies alongside his full-time job.

Career Services 

Career Services began supporting Reece early on in 2020, alongside his studies. His current job contact was coming to an end and he wanted to start looking towards his first project management role.

Reece followed the Career Services team’s advice to help boost his employability. He learnt how to write a professional CV and how to best utilise LinkedIn. This allowed Reece to begin building a local network alongside his job search. He successfully gained interviews and was offered a suitable role during the pandemic. 

The results

Reece says:

“I felt supported from day one by all at the Learning People. The advice I received from Career Services helped me gain the confidence I needed to push and progress my career forward into a new and exciting role.” 

Andrew WilliamsLearning People | Andrew Williams project management student

Reason for enrolling:

In March 2020 we connected with Andrew through our relationship with Southern Rehab. He had been out of work for over 18 months, following a workplace accident.

Andrew had extensive experience in road contracting but could not go back into a manual role due to his injury. Realising he wanted to move into management or project related positions Andrew began his journey with us.


Andrew initially enrolled as an apprehensive student who lacked self-confidence. After the first few sessions with StudentCareTM, the support encouraged him to realise his potential. Weekly 1:1 study sessions helped to reassure and push Andrew to success. 

StudentCareTM provided Andrew with a study planner and worked together with him on his time management. He managed to juggle time with his young family through the COVID-19 lockdown and his studies with support from the team each week. 

Andrew had some self-doubt around his exam readiness, and StudentCareTM offered multiple mock tests and extensive revision support. This really helped Andrew feel prepared.

Career Services 

Career Services offered dedicated support to Andrew early on in his student journey. This was a daunting process for him as he had not worked for some time after suffering from his workplace injury, so his confidence was low.  

Andrew was the perfect student and took on the Career Services team’s advice of how to update and optimise his CV. The team also helped Andrew to build a stand-out LinkedIn profile and shared some top tips on how to network using his contacts and through recruitment agencies.

Quickly, the career opportunities presented themselves as Andrew secured 4 interviews. Career Services taught him to effectively prepare for interviews and how to answer behavioural based interviews. 

Andrew ultimately secured a new project management role in Whangarei and they are even paying for his relocation costs.

The results

Andrew says:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Learning People for your support as I went through the CAPM training course. 

“As a kid I hadn’t had success with education when going to school. You gave me confidence in taking on this course and getting through the course content. Learning People provides a course that’s easy to use and I could progress through the content without feeling pressured. 

“The extra support from Laura and Julia made going through the recruitment stage easy, from writing a cover letter and CV to preparing for an interview both in person and with Skype. Without your support I honestly don’t know if I would have completed the course content. So once again thank you very much it’s been a really positive experience for myself and I gained really useful skills that will help my career to move forward.”

Scott Hill, aged 34scott-hill-circle

Reason for enrolling:

Scott was a Fabrication Engineer with 15 years of expert engineering experience. He owned his own business in the UK and had a wealth of experience. 

Scott struggled to stand out after migrating to New Zealand and needed a role that gave him a salary increase to better support his young family. Without any qualifications or certifications to document his strong experience and skills, he was struggling to secure a deserving high-level role. 


Scott began as an incredibly apprehensive student. After leaving school aged 16 and gaining his trade, Scott had not studied since. StudentCareTM provided weekly ongoing support and created a full study plan that was tailored around his work and home life. The team also offered regular reassurance and guidance to keep his motivation up. 

Scott achieved success in the first 2 months when he passed his PRINCE2® Foundation examination. This was followed a month later by his PRINCE2® Practitioner. Scott is now on track to pass his Project Management Professional (PMP) examination. 

Career Services

Like so many other students, Scott had never heard of or used LinkedIn and wasn’t aware of the power LinkedIn has for professionals. 

Career Services supported him in creating an optimal LinkedIn profile that showcased his experience and skills. Scott was also encouraged to grow his network and connect with companies that he would want to be employed by. 

The Career Services team also supported Scott with the format of his CV in order to stand out to employers in New Zealand. After some further CV assistance and personalised support on his cover letter, Scott was ready to begin applying for roles in project management. 

Scott applied for a role at Canterbury’s largest engineering firm and was successful. He interviewed against strong competition and managed to succeed with confidence.

The results 

Scott says:

“I have had an amazing experience with Learning People. I needed to take my career to the next step and I am so happy I trusted this organisation to help me do that. I initially completed my PRINCE2® certifications that gave me the confidence to start applying for project management positions. 

“With the help of the New Zealand StudentCareTM and Career Services teams I successfully landed my first project management role. I have achieved so much in the last 12 months and would not be where I am today had I not enrolled. Thank you so much to all that have helped me along the way.”

Rashmi Thirumale, aged 36rashi-circle

Reason for enrolling:

Rashmi had a solid background in HR administration with 10 years experience in the industry. She had a strong interest in Project Management positions but without training or any international certifications, was finding it very hard to get her foot in the door.  


Rashmi was working full-time when she began her project management training and is also a dedicated mother to 5 year old twin boys. The StudentCareTM team were on-hand to offer reassurance and support whenever she needed it. 

With determination and the on-going support from our StudentCareTM team, Rashmi powered through the struggles of juggling home, work and student life to reach her learning goals. Rashmi passed her exams and gained the world-leading Project Management Professional certification (PMP).

Career Services

Career services were there to help Rashmi boost her employability alongside her training. The team first guided her through valuable updates to her CV and LinkedIn profile. With the use of interview preparation techniques, support and encouragement, Career Services helped Rashmi secure a role as a Project Officer. She soon landed a more senior Project Coordinator position with a significant increase in salary.

The results 

Rashmi says:

“My journey with the Learning People has been great so far! StudentCareTM and Career Services have all been very supportive in enabling me to make the transition into project management. They have believed in me and taught me to believe in myself and that I can do it!”

Kate Cawkwell, aged 21 Student_profiles_blog_Kate_Cawkwell

Reason for enrolling:

Kate enrolled with Learning People in May 2021. She had been working as an electrical apprentice for a large factory, and as she no longer wanted to pursue this career path, she needed to make a change. Kate wanted a career that was diverse and allowed her to meet and engage with people. After speaking with Robin, one of our Senior Career Consultants she knew that Project Management was perfect for her. Robin helped her identify what industry certifications were necessary to get into a role within Project Management. Kate did a demonstration on the platform and knew this was the right training for her.


Kate loved the training platform and felt it was easy for her to retain the information she was learning. StudentCareTM worked closely with her and made sure she was able to keep on top of her training while working full-time. The team set up a study plan for Kate, and she was able to tailor this around her schedule and make sure she progressed at a good pace.

Career Services

Midway through her training, Kate found a role that she wanted to apply for. Career Services set up a CV consultation that week to ensure she could apply for the role as quickly as possible. They worked closely with her to review her LinkedIn profile and get her connected with people in the industry. Soon after finishing her first certification, Kate got an interview for an Assistant Project Management role. Career Services were able to advise her on what sorts of questions would be asked at the interview as well as tips and tricks to ensure she secured the role. Kate was extremely nervous, she felt like this was the perfect first role with her to get into the industry. However, Career Services made sure she was prepared and encouraged her to go for it! We are thrilled to say Kate secured the role and is now working as an Assistant Project Manager.

The results 

  • CAPM
  • Obtained a role as an Assistant Project Manager at Griffiths & Associates Ltd

Kate says:

“When I first got a phone call from Robin I felt instantly understood and supported. Robin explained some of his own experiences and extensive work history, which helped me to better understand what it was I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. If there was anything I didn’t understand, it was explained to me. Everything was exceptionally well communicated and organised for the course from the get-go.

I particularly liked that there was a formal orientation through each of the learning platforms which ensured I knew how to navigate the websites and effectively use all the resources available to me. This is something I feel large tertiary institutions skip entirely, which can be very detrimental to a students ability to learn; but something which Learning People do exceptionally well.

All of the courses are methodically laid out in bite size chunks with regular mini tests. This allows for ease of material absorption and application of what you’ve just learnt. A great way to make sure it’s all sinking in! 

StudentCareTM is a great facility to help you plan your studies and make sure that even with a busy life you can get your professional development done too.

Career Services have been instrumental in my current job success. Tabatha helped me to construct an effective CV even when I felt I had little to add to it. She also helped me to build an attractive LinkedIn profile, after which I did have more attention. Lastly, Tabatha was my personal mentor through several interviews, giving me the ins and outs and being there for me at the very last minute to answer my nervous questions! 

I would certainly go to Learning People again! They are literally with you every step of the way, in the most personal way. I love that I don’t feel like just another name on the list. My success matters to them. I wouldn’t have secured my current position in my dream job as an Assistant Project Manager, without them.”

We’re really excited for the next generation of students as they navigate the industry. Discover more about a career in project management, and feel free to arrange a consultation call with one of our experts today to find out how you can start.