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Student testimonial: passing the exam has opened up many doors

We’ve probably mentioned this before, but here at the Learning People, we love to hear back from you guys about your learning experience, your gained certification and the doors this has opened up to you.

This week we heard back from Ian Harris, a continuous improvement engineer, who joined the Learning People last year and who now holds a PMP certification.

“I had heard of the Learning People, so due to their reputation, easy to find website, and open support service, I decided to choose them for my training. 

“I was extremely satisfied with the value of the course. 

“It included many different learning experiences and opportunities, so I thought it was excellent value for money.

“There was a substantial amount of information within the modules, and the practise tests are well designed to make sure you fully understand each module.


“I was also very satisfied with the support I received from StudentCare™. 

“Upon purchasing the courses I was shown a demonstration of how to navigate around the online interface.

“It can be a daunting experience when taking on a new course, but with the help and support received from the Learning People the penny quickly dropped. 

“I was also able to ring for advice on my course results and study to get an understanding of whether or not I would be ready to take the exam.

“The staff at the Learning People were very friendly throughout the process, and were more than happy to assist and support me when I needed it. 

After the exam

“Passing the exam has opened up many doors to me – I can now pursue a career in project management because the PMP qualification is very highly recognised and indicates to employers the commitment and study that an individual is willing to put in to obtain the qualification.

“I would study with the Learning People again because learning can be done at the individual’s own pace, and support is available if required.

“I would recommend the Learning People as they provide the right materials and support needed to accomplish the qualification you are looking for”.