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10 habits of successful people

When you are pushing yourself to excel in an industry you love, avoiding burnout is vital. But how can you reduce stress without slowing the pace of your progression?

In this blog post, we discuss the habits of successful employees. Emulating them will help you to stay well and land that promotion.

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How to reduce stress at work

Work related stress is hard to avoid completely. But there are numerous things you can put in place to reduce it. Let’s explore some ways to improve your work-life balance.

Create a realistic plan for your week 

At the beginning of each week, plan out your time in a way that makes most sense for you. Blocking out chunks of time for each task on your calendar may help.

Be realistic about what you can achieve in the time you have. Don’t start the week on the backfoot through overcommitting yourself.

Communicate what is not achievable early on to avoid an end of week panic.

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Take lunch breaks

Be sure to take lunch breaks, however busy you are.

Working straight through without a break will not make you more productive. It will tire you out and make you less efficient. The busier you are, the more important your break time is to your health and productivity.

Ask for support 

If you are being asked to do more than is achievable, ask for support. If you don’t, people may assume that you aren’t yet at full capacity.

The business doesn’t benefit from you taking on more than you can deliver successfully. Under promise and over deliver, if anything.

Practice yoga, mindfulness, or meditation 

Finding time to practice yoga, mindfulness, or meditation at the start of your work day, on lunch, or after work will help you to better manage work pressure. 

Not all work stress can be avoided. These techniques help to reduce the impact work stress has on your body and mind.

Practising mindfulness with meditation

Ways to increase your productivity

Introducing positive habits into your working life can help you manage stress and be more effective in your role. The key is learning how to work smarter, rather than harder.

Here are ten habits of successful employees which you can adopt to increase productivity and earn that promotion:

1. Build a strong relationship with your bosses

Building a strong relationship with your line manager, the senior management team, and the board of directors is crucial.

Having the ear of those above you makes getting approvals for projects swifter. It also gives your work more visibility.

If your successes are seen and celebrated, it is much easier to progress.

2. Learn how to speak the language of other departments

Different departments have different ways of talking. Learn the jargon and buzzwords that gets each head nodding.

Adjusting your language to resonate with stakeholders across the business will help you get things done quickly and efficiently.


3. Give people and tasks your full attention

Give each task and every person you speak to your full attention. This increases your focus, improves communication, and makes your more efficient.

If you can, avoid constantly switching between tasks. You may be juggling lots of different tasks. But the quickest route to success is to focus in on, and complete, one at a time.

4. Ask the right questions

Successful and productive people ask the right questions. When you are briefed in on task, interrogate the brief. 

Get the full picture before you dive in and get started on the work. This will make your output better and avoid amends.

5. Think one step ahead

Be proactive and always think one step ahead. If you can see a potential blocker that may crop up next week on a project, let your bosses know.

Predicting and serving the needs of the business proactively is a valuable quality. But ensure that you present a solution, rather than just raising an issue.

Photo editor looking at multi colored sticky notes on glass in meeting room at creative office

6. Pitch in and support others 

This will show your leadership qualities and the fact you’re a team player. 

Plus, if you can support others to achieve shared aims, your team’s productivity increases.

7. Be a brand ambassador

Successful people are passionate brand ambassadors, both in and out of work. 

Share successes on your own personal social media and by word of mouth. Your bosses will notice if you live and breathe the brand.

8. Focus on solutions, not blockers 

When you raise an issue with your managers, pair it with a solution. Being a proactive problem solver increases productivity and shows you are a strategic thinker. 

9. Record and share successes 

Record your achievements. Whether it is great feedback from a client or a sales uplift that you can attribute to your efforts, keep a note of every success.

Sharing your successes with the wider business in team catch ups or via appropriate channels is a crucial way to raise your profile. Don’t be afraid to shine.

10. Learn from those who get promoted

Keep a close eye on the people around you who are being promoted. What have they been working on over the last year? How do they approach their role?

Avoiding comparing yourself to them on a personal level. But do take the opportunity to learn from them. What positive work habits can you emulate? 



Adopting these practices can improve your productivity, help you stay well, and make you more effective in your role.

Even when we are mindful of it, work stress can sometimes become too much. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, don’t struggle alone. Speak to your GP about how to best manage your mental health. There is no shame in seeking support.

If you are striving for your next promotion, we hope our tips will help you work smarter rather than harder. Building positive work habits will help you to stay happy in your role and progress in your career.

Upskilling is another important way to progress your career. Our professional development courses will give you the skills and confidence to excel. 

Get in touch with our expert career consultants today.