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10 stress busters to add into your daily routine

As part of Stress Awareness Month, we’re sharing our tips and tricks for managing all manner of life’s stresses.

Whether it’s at work or at home, there are lots of simple and inexpensive ways to incorporate good anti stress tactics into your daily routine. For the rest of April, why not try one of these a day and see what works for you.


Get moving

It’s no secret that exercise is good for you; it boosts endorphins and serotonin. Your very own happy hormones are bundled up inside you, dying to get out. So, take up a class, hop on your bike or walk to work today. You’ll be feeling much brighter and much less stressed, much faster. Guaranteed.

Accomplish something

It’s so great to feel good at something, right? Achieving a personal or professional goal gives your confidence a boost, and could even open doors to new and fulfilling opportunities. It’s never too late to try that thing you’ve always wanted to. In fact, binning the ‘what ifs’ of life is a sure fire way of feeling proud, fulfilled and happy with yourself. Get stress free by getting busy working on yourself.

Pamper yourself 

Pampering isn’t all green face masks and cucumbers. Pampering can involve the simple act of investing in yourself. That might be investing in a hobby or craft, learning to cook something new or taking the time to read a great book.

‘Investing’ doesn’t have to mean parting with loads of money. It starts with respecting your mind and your body, and giving all aspects of your life plenty of attention. Stress builds up when we aren’t focusing on ourselves, so tune into yourself again.

Cut the rubbish 

If you’re fuelling your body with rubbish, then asking it to respond to stress adeptly, you’re not going to get anywhere. Too much caffeine, nicotine or alcohol will leave you feeling frazzled, strung out and unhealthy. Unhealthy people lack energy, which is exactly what you need when the world is asking a lot of you. 


Lists, lists, lists

When you’re feeling like your brain is scrambled, you’re bleary eyed and over tired, it’s not surprising that you struggle to remember exactly what it is you need to be doing. When you’re stressed, it’s easy to miss things and beat yourself up about it later. All this does is fuel the fire of stress.

Take a moment, gather your thoughts and start writing out what it is you need to achieve today. This list may change as the day goes on, but putting pen to paper and organising your thoughts is a very good place to start.

Harness the power of positivity 

“I feel so rubbish today”, “I’m so tired, it’s going to be a long day”, “I’m terrible at my job and I don’t want to be there”. Sound familiar? A negative internal dialogue attracts just that, negativity. How you speak to yourself and others has a direct impact on how you feel.

Try switching your tone from negative to positive. “I’m going to make positive changes today”, “Today is going to be a good day”, “I’m good at my job and I’m open to learning”. Much better.

Look for natural solutions

As we mentioned before, unhealthy habits cannot be excused as coping mechanisms. From breathing techniques to meditation, Rescue Remedy to mindfulness, there are plenty of ways to get out of your own head without getting off your head. Look into natural stress remedies to help you cope whilst you address the primary cause of your overwhelm.

and breath neon sign

Examine stresses in your life

What is it that’s truly stressing you out? If you’re dragging yourself to a job you don’t like, could it be time for a change? Whilst job hunting itself might be stressful, consider the next 10 years in the role you’re currently in. If the thought fills you with dread, perhaps it’s time to consider searching for a new career.

Try yoga 

What do Russell Simmons, Arianna Huffington and Donna Karan have in common? Other than being wildly successful CEOs, they’re huge yoga fans. In fact, you might be surprised at just how many big business people are closet yogis. Why? Yoga is calming, encourages you to switch off, increases blood flow and improves brain function. If you’re stressed to the max, becoming a centred and soulful yoga convert might just be the secret you’re looking for.

Take control 

Professor Cooper, from the NHS, explains that “the act of taking control is, in itself, empowering” and that a “feeling of loss of control is one of the main causes of stress and lack of wellbeing”. Aside from making lists, seeking out natural remedies and taking care of yourself, sometimes you need to face the issue head on.

If you need a hand making a big professional leap, our expert career consultants are here to help you.