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3 reasons why not getting into university could be the best thing for your future

A-level results day is looming and if you feel apprehensive, you are not alone. With your university place at risk, the possibility of missing your grades may seem daunting; but it doesn’t have to be.

In this blog post, we flip your worst A-level results day fears on their head and explore different options. Read on as we discuss three reasons why not getting into university may actually lead you to better and more suitable opportunities.


1) The cost of university may be prohibitive

Many see university as the best way to set yourself up for career success. It is a time to explore academic interests, hone your critical thinking and become more independent. But at what cost?

With fees higher than ever, lots of students find the cost of university prohibitive. The average student can expect to amount more than £50,000 of debt at university. As a result, some are starting to question whether university is the best way to become career ready.

2) University may not lead to a higher salary

Traditionally, graduates earned higher salaries than those who did not go to university. And many students still expect their degree to give them an advantage in the job market.

The reality for many is that these expectations are not met. While undergraduate study can be a valuable experience personally, it no longer promises to boost your career prospects. 

Research comparing salaries of men and women aged 29 with and without degrees, revealed a third of men had only a negligible pay advantage from university study.

These findings suggest that if you are looking to launch a lucrative career, university may not be the best choice. To reach a point where you can earn a high salary doing a job you love, you would be wise to consider other options.

3) Online learning may be a better choice

If A-level results day brings you bad news, there are plenty of other options. If you don’t get into university, an apprenticeship or entry-level role could help you earn more by the time you are 21 than your graduate peers.

But jumping straight into the jobs market is not the only alternative to university. Online learning offers another way to continue your education and become career ready.

Studying online can give you the skills and confidence needed to stand out from the graduate crowd. Because online learning is so flexible, you can fit it around an employed role and gain work experience while you study.

Becoming career ready

Learning People offers a range of career specific courses which are recognised by the industries they qualify you to excel in. For example, if you want to launch a career in project management, you could study for your PRINCE2 with us.

PRINCE2 is a globally recognised project management methodology. Earning your PRINCE2 may put you in a position to jump into a project management role more easily than your graduate peers.

We also offer numerous courses that prepare you to step into technical careers in the world of IT and digital. Whether you want to learn to code or become a cyber security expert we have a course to help you succeed.


Thoughtful young programmer coding on computer in the evening at home


Not getting into university may be a blessing not a curse. Researchers estimate that around 40% of university degrees are soon to become obsolete due to their rigid an outdated structure.

If A-level results day does go your way, congratulations — those amazing results are such an achievement. But once you are done celebrating, consider whether university or online training is best for you.

University may no longer be the most cost-effective way to work towards the career of your dreams. Online learning offers an alternative way to become career ready. And because of its many benefits, some predict that online learning may replace university entirely in the future.

Learning People offers a range of up-to-date tech and project management courses to help you succeed. Our courses give you technical and business skills to launch your career, without getting into debt.

If you are looking for an effective way to start your career, studying with Learning People may be the right option for you. Get in touch with our expert career consultants today.