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4 reasons students prefer learning online

Is learning online overtaking traditional education? We’ve put together some of the top reasons that online training is becoming the go-to for job-ready education.

1. Learn at your own pace

Probably the most exciting of all the reasons you should learn online is the complete and utter freedom it gives you. You never have to worry about getting out of bed at a certain time again. Actually, that’s not true – when you land your dream role after completing a course you will, but getting up to go to your dream job is a lot more exciting than waking up to go to a lecture.

With learning online, not only can you choose to work in your pjs, you can also learn at your own pace. Unlike classroom learning, you can stop the videos and replay them meaning that you’ll have a better chance of nailing the topic. If you’re not suited to strict routine and are good at managing your time, then online learning is definitely the one for you. Never stress about homework or essay deadlines again. Find an online course that lets you work in your own time.

2. Job ready education

Sometimes with traditional learning, your education can be really abstract and won’t necessarily help you land the role that you want. Whilst it’s great to know the ins and outs of Greek Mythology, if you’re looking to land a job in software development then it’s probably not going to do you any favours.

Instead, learning online means that the courses offered tend to lean towards a certain career path and allow you to prove to employers that you really care about the industry. You’ll come out with the specialist skills that employers are actually looking for, which will stand you in good stead when you apply for jobs.

Online learning also makes you a lot more employable. Funding your own course in a specific area proves your genuine interest in the topic and looks incredibly good to potential employers. Employers know that lots of students go to uni for the experience of it or because their friends have, so someone who has thought outside the box and committed to their career path by doing an online course is always more attractive.

3. Save money

When compared to the price of university, online courses are a lot more cost-effective. Whilst you can spend up to £40,000 on going to university, an online course is significantly cheaper. It’s not only the tuition that you save on by learning online, it’s the living costs and loans that you save on that really make the difference. Spending money like it’s water when you’re at uni might seem fun, but learning online means you won’t be up to your eyeballs in debt. Your future self will definitely thank you for choosing online learning!

Not only is elearning more reasonably priced, learning online also means that you can work alongside your training which gives you the opportunity to earn money while you learn.



4. Upskill whilst working

If you’re one of the lucky ones that are super happy in the role you’re currently in, learning online means you can stick at your job and gain new skills to bring back to it. The ability to work whilst you learn online is a massive plus, and one that you don’t get with any other form of education. If you’re already on a career path that you’re passionate about, this means that you’re able to keep working and moving towards your career goals whilst you upskill.

Learning online means that there’s no need to stop working towards your career and gives you the opportunity to learn new skills in theory and put them into practice on the job. Not to mention that upskilling off your own back looks really good to an employer and proves you care about self-improvement.

Ready to learn online?

At the Learning People, we provide career solutions to those looking to upskill, get an entry level role or change careers all-together. If you’ve read up on learning online and want to find out more then get in touch to speak to a specialist learning consultant who can point you in the right direction.