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5 newsletters that every successful person is subscribed to

We live in a world where everything needs to be short, sharp and snappy. Information needs to be processed quickly, we need to get the message ASAP and we want things to be over and done with within minutes and hours rather than days. Unless of course it is an afternoon in the pub in which time can never move slowly enough. Another gin please, barkeep.

This desire for speed and brevity means that many of us will have done away with the concept of email newsletters. Who wants to sit there reading an elongated piece when you can try and pick up information in a fraction of the time from Facebook or Twitter? Email newsletters are often seen as the old woman Sunday driving her Nissan Micra at 20mph; social media as the Lewis Hamilton racing around Silverstone in a Mercedes at 200mph.

Yet this view isn’t necessarily correct. You can’t become a success reading advice that restricts itself to a 280-character limit, or that is as plain and boring as a Facebook post. A newsletter goes into far more depth than either of those channels and often looks good doing it, and that’s why some of the most successful people in the world still stand by newsletters as their preferred way of learning and digesting information.

Here are five newsletters that every successful person is subscribed to.

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InVision is probably the greatest newsletter out there. It’s designed well, looks good on both desktop and mobile devices and provides excellent and varied content. In short, there is something for everyone.

That’s what makes this the number-one newsletter for successful people. Whether you are a manager looking to improve your business leadership skills, a recent graduate seeking tips to start moving up the ladder or just somebody who wants to read what industry leaders have to say, there will be at least one article per edition to pique your interest. They even have exclusive giveaways which is reason enough in itself to subscribe – who doesn’t love a freebie?

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The Exponential View

If you ever needed an example of why the newsletter shouldn’t be consigned to the technology dustbin along with the CD and the Blackberry just yet, then The Exponential View is it. Azeem Azhar takes one of the oldest technological formats and uses it to predict what we can expect from the future, delivering articles on the future of business and AI.

The coverage is thorough yet understandable, digesting technical language into simple terms which means that it is perfect for those looking to learn more about the world of technology – which, lets face it, every successful person needs to.


The Modern Desk

Ever wondered how the most successful people reached the top when there are so many distractions out there? How did Bill Gates or Steve Jobs build their fortunes without saying to themselves “Just one more episode of Breaking Bad, then I’ll start designing that annoying paperclip” or “This will be my last game of Angry Birds before coming up with a tiny device that fits in your pocket and is capable of holding a billion songs.”

The Modern Desk can go some of the way towards helping you down the path to avoid distractions by highlighting ideas as diverse as meditation apps, Danish desks to work out and interactive white boards to keep your mind focussed. If distraction are something that regularly affect you, then have a look at how to stop procrastinating.




While plenty of newsletters are largely designed to push that company’s products or services, Moz takes a different approach and is all the better for it. The SEO marketing software giant bring together all the best articles from a wide range of different sources. As long as the information is interesting, informative and engaging, then they have no problem in sharing pieces from their rivals – and picking up knowledge from a broad church of thinkers is something that all successful people do.

Not only does that mean that by subscribing to Moz you are guaranteed to get the best information all in one place, but it also puts them above company rivalries and positions them as a business whose number one aim is to help their customers. That makes their newsletter a must-subscribe for anyone interested in SEO. It’s Genius. If you’re interested in SEO, then have a look at our Specialist Diploma in Search Marketing.

Farnham Street

If you want to be successful, you need to have a healthy mind; a mind that is creative, open to new ideas and can clearly envision what it is that needs to be done. Shane Parrish over at Farnham Street knows all this, and that is why his newsletter is all about thinking more clearly, making smarter decisions and becoming a better problem solver.

It also offers hints and tips on how your lifestyle and diet can impact on the brain, looking at how habit – “I always treat myself to a KFC on Wednesday, even if I don’t want one” – can be the biggest inhibitor to success. It’s a fascinating read, and it can even be a listen – there is a Farnham Street Podcast available, too.