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A-level results day: What to do if you miss your grades

A-level results day is looming and you are not alone if you are feeling the pressure. What if you miss your grades? Will you still manage to secure a place at university?

If your results don’t go your way, you still have options and you may discover that an alternative to university suits you better than doing a degree ever would have.

Read on as we explore what you can do if you don’t get the A-level results you were expecting.

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Alternative higher education options

Missing your predicted A-level grades needn’t fill you with dread. University is not the only way to continue learning and work towards a rewarding career. There are a number of alternatives higher education options to consider.

If you don’t do as well on results day as you had hoped, one of these higher education alternatives could set you up for career success:

  • Online learning
  • Apprenticeships
  • Foundation degrees
  • Traineeships

You may discover that the practical, applied learning of an apprenticeship or traineeship is more enjoyable than academic study. Or if you are still keen to study at undergraduate level, a foundation degree could give you the subject-specific skills and confidence you need to get there.

Of the various alternatives to university education, online learning is seeing a surge in popularity. In the next section of this post, we explore why.

The online learning revolution

University has traditionally been seen as a springboard for future career success. But research suggests around 40% of university degrees are soon to become obsolete because their structure is rigid and outdated.

Findings such as these have many students questioning whether university is a worthy investment. And as student debts rise, alternative ways to build a meaningful career are becoming increasingly popular.

Online learning offers a flexible, affordable way to gain the skills and qualifications employers are looking for. Rather than being purely academic, many online courses focus on preparing you for your future career.

Notably, some predict that online learning may replace university entirely due to it being  such an effective way to become career ready.

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Gaining qualifications key industries recognise

Studying with a trusted online learning provider, like Learning People, enables you to earn qualifications that key industries recognise.

For example, if you want to break into project management, earning your PRINCE2 will help you do so. Instead of boring you with theories, PRINCE2 gives you practical skills. And it teaches you the language used in the industry use so you can hold your ground in any interview.

Project management is not the only career online learning can prepare you for. Pick any industry and you will find an online course out there to help you step into it. Some online learning providers are more reputable than others, so do read reviews and check that courses are industry approved.

Learning People helps people launch lucrative careers in a range of tech and digital sectors. With the global tech industry booming and new innovations revolutionising so many aspects of life, now is an exciting time to train for a career in this field.

Would online learning suit you?

If A-level results day doesn’t go to plan and you are considering online learning, how can you be sure it would suit you? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want an affordable way to continue learning without getting into debt?
  • Does the flexibility of fitting your learning around a part-time job appeal?
  • Could you see yourself excelling in a tech or project management role?
  • Do you want to earn the skills and confidence to kickstart your career?

If the answer to these questions is yes, online learning may be an excellent alternative to university for you. What’s more, studying online doesn’t preclude you from going to university at a later date if you still feel it is something that would benefit you.



Worried you might miss your A-level grades and not get into university? All is not lost. There are a range of alternatives higher education options.

From apprenticeships to online learning, many students are now actively choosing alternative ways to become career ready. The best bit is these options don’t involve getting into huge amounts of student debt.

If you found A-levels an unenjoyable challenge, the practical, applied nature of other types of higher education may suit you better. And of the various alternatives to higher education on offer, online learning is becoming increasingly popular.

Whether it is because of your grades, family commitments, or finances — if university is not an option for you, online learning offers a way to work towards your dream job. And even if you do get the results you wanted, online learning is still a smart way become career ready.

Learning People offers a range of tech and project management courses as an alternative to higher education. Get in touch with our expert career consultants today to find out more.