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Are you ready for a career change?

We can all be forgiven for waking up and not wanting to go to work every once in a while.

It’s only natural to have the occasional feeling of apathy towards what you do, and we’re sure that even David Attenborough has been in bed on a wet Monday morning and thought to himself ‘urgh, not more animals’. However, if these feelings are coming all too often, and you feel that you might just be in the wrong job, then it’s time to make a career change.

But how do you really know? How can you tell that this particular funk you’ve gotten yourself into isn’t just a brief moment… a temporary lull? There are a number of surefire ways to tell if you are in the wrong job…

1. You’re feeling unfulfilled at work

There’s a difference between occasionally waking up uninspired and feeling down, and always waking up uninspired and feeling down. Everyone has bad days, where they just don’t want to go to work. ‘Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?’ type days. But ideally these days should be few and far between.

Work should, at least some of the time, have you leaving the house with a spring in your step, excited about what the day may bring. We can sense your suspicion…but trust us on this one, a career change may just be the very thing.

2. You’re not utilising your skills

Are you a great communicator who is stuck in the store room? Not literally of course, otherwise you’ve got bigger problems. Do you enjoy problem solving and have an aptitude for technical tasks but spend your days doing repetitive work that doesn’t challenge you?

We know, underselling yourself or not utilising your skills at work can be extremely frustrating.

So don’t waste your qualifications. If you’ve studied hard to acquire specific skills and knowledge that you’re not utilising, perhaps it’s time for a career change and a move to something actually suited to your qualifications.

3. You’re jealous of your friends and their jobs

We often think of jealousy as a bad thing. And whilst it’s not the best way to live your life, being constantly envious of those around you, it can often be a signal that things in your own life aren’t quite right. If you can’t stand hearing about your friends’ happy working life and you find yourself faking your ‘congratulations on your promotion’ smile, then perhaps it’s a signal you’re not in the right job and ready for a career change.


4. You hate talking about what you do

We’ve all been there. In a rut. Not enjoying what we do. Then you get to that inevitable situation at a party, a social gathering or down the pub, when you meet someone new and they ask what you do. You tell them and they politely nod, raising their eyebrows with a slight smile. ‘And what does that entail?’ they ask.

You quickly run through what you do and despite their best efforts, despite their eyebrows raising that little bit higher and their smile growing wider, they can’t quite hide it. Your job isn’t that interesting and you’re bored explaining it to people.

Your job doesn’t have to be interesting to everyone to be worthwhile. If you enjoy it and are passionate about what you do, then telling people will be a breeze. Even if it’s something that others may not find interesting, your passion will shine through and people will be drawn in.

Multi-ethnic millenial group of friends partying and enjoying a beer on rooftop terrasse at sunset.jpeg

So what can you do about it?

Don’t just sit there and make do. Be proactive. Make a change. Yes it might be daunting taking that leap into a career change, and it’s not something that happens overnight, but if you’re prepared to put in the time and work hard, you’ll start to feel the control slowly creeping back…

You may have to start at the bottom and work your way up and you may have to go back and study again. But it’s sure as hell better to be taking the first steps towards a destination you want to end up at, than being half way to one you don’t.

Take an online training course

Sometimes, something as simple as enrolling on an online course can trigger real positive change. Here at Learning People we offer a range of courses that can help you discover a new career with ease.

Project management courses

If you have great leadership skills and a fantastic eye for detail and organisation, then a project management course may well open up some fantastic avenues for you. We have a course to suit you if you’re a total newbie or if you’ve already got some experience and are wanting to make your way to becoming a project managing pro. 

Coding courses

Great at problem solving? Technically minded? Creative? Our coding courses enable you to develop your skills and learn how to design websites and other transferable skills. Learn to code in your own time and open up a world of opportunities.

IT and cyber security courses

Technically minded people are always in demand. IT courses can help you develop your knowledge in one of a wide variety of subjects that can all lead to fantastic new working opportunities. We offer courses in everything from networking to cyber security.

students group working on school project together at modern university, top view teamwork business concept.jpeg

Really think about what you want to do

Don’t just dive into another job without thinking it through. You might end up in the same position you’re currently in a few years down the line. Think about why you don’t enjoy your current job and use these reasons to make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

Find something you’re enthusiastic about. It’s time to get a job that does challenge you, one that you’d be able to talk about for hours when strangers ask you what you do.

It’s time to start that next journey, so lace up your boots and prepare for change. The road ahead may seem long, but with each step you take, you’re closer to your end goal.