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Become an interview pro with our top tips

You’ve completed the job application process and perfected your CV and cover letter. Now’s the time to prepare for the job interview. 

No matter, how confident in your ability; it’s pretty normal to feel some jitters. In fact, it’s completely human. However, anyone can master their interview skills with a bit of proper planning, a lot of research and our interview tips.

First things first: We’re all human

Naturally, we tend to put the the interviewer on a pedestal thereby giving them all the control. In fact, the interviewer is also another human being – shock horror. Remember, you can interview them too.

Don’t be afraid to take a turn in the driver’s seat. Does the job fulfil everything you’re looking for? What promotional opportunities are there? How good is the staff training? This is your future after all and we spend a massive percentage of our life at work. Better make it worth it.




Body language

Our body language is a crucial factor in interviews; it instantly shows the interviewer if what you are saying matches what you are thinking. You can not underestimate the power of this communication tool.

OK, so we all know that crossing our arms and swearing like a trooper isn’t the best approach. But what are some fundamental tactics to remember? Here at Learning People Career Services, we often hear from recruiters that some of the obvious still needs work:

Eye contact: eye contact demands respect and shows that you are really listening to the interviewer. Everyone likes to be listened to. There’s no need to have a stare out competition, but you need to keep the attention to show that you are interested and engaged in the conversation.

Openness: the language of openness shows that you are powerful, confident and therefore comfortable to be exposed. Keep those palms and arms open to signify that you are approachable. Closing off instantly creates a barrier showing a defence. According to the Business Insider; showing your palms generally indicates sincerity, while pressing the fingertips of your hands together to form a church steeple indicates confidence.

Mirroring: people who like each other will naturally mirror body language. This acts to strengthen their connection and build rapport. However, too much mirroring creates a sense of dishonesty and suspicion. It reverts back to the school playground – no one likes to be mocked or imitated, it makes you wonder what their intentions are.

Smile: smiling makes everyone feel at ease and is a global communication tool. Knowing when to smile makes all the difference. But be sure to choose your timing carefully. Too much sparkle can actually show you’re not that serious.



Say it like you mean it

Be clear: avoid technical jargon. Even if it is a technical job you’re applying for. Employers need to hear what you have to offer, in a simple structured manner. This is also your chance to show them a taster of your personality and find out whether you really are suited to the role after all.

Be enthusiastic: again it’s all in the balance, but use your voice to express your interest and passion in the job. Demonstrate you’ve done your company research and that you are genuinely keen to be there. Think high energy, positive pitch. 




First impressions count: A big part of getting a job is making a good first impression, and how you dress for the interview will be the first part of this. Make sure you find out the dress code, and dress accordingly to ensure you feel confident.

Be on time: It’s common sense that you DO NOT turn up to an interview late. You might as well say goodbye if you do that. But there’s also nothing more annoying than a candidate turning up too early. In fact, it’s just inconvenient. Even in a job interview, there is such a thing as over keen. The interviewer will naturally make an assumption that you are going to be ‘needy’ to work with. Ten minutes early is suffice and polite.


And finally and most importantly, once you’ve done your prep and you’ve practiced remember:

‘Be yourself; everybody else is taken’ – Oscar Wilde