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Healthy breakfast choices to supercharge your morning

None of us want to get to the office feeling the familiar stomach grumble. Before long you’ll be reaching for the biscuit tin and chomping on a cheeky biscuit with your cuppa.

It’s not surprising many health experts rate breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Whether you have an oh so healthy brekkie or a less than ideal breakfast can make a massive difference to your day. And possibly even your career if you consistently eat right.

If you’re feeling super tired and lacking in energy and enthusiasm in the mornings, the chances are it’s all down to your breakfast choices. Ever tried working on an empty stomach? Yeah, you probably won’t get much work done.

Well guess what – a nutritious breakfast can improve your productivity, memory, creativity and even problem solving skills. Who knew eh? If you want to excel in your career and be your best self? Well, you’re gonna have to sort your eating habits out, starting with what you eat for brekkie.


And before you mumble excuses such as ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I don’t know what to eat’, that’s not good enough! Why? Because you need to make the time to get your day off to a good start. You can always prep your breakfast the night before, all it takes is a little organisation.

And as for exciting breakfast inspiration, we’ve got that covered. These healthy breakfast recipes are so easy to recreate and you’ll feel a million times better in the mornings if you try some of them.

The breakfast foods we are most likely to eat during the week are wholegrain cereal 37% followed by toast with spread 32% and then porridge 27%. Well those aren’t very inspiring options now are they? What’s worse than a boring brekkie? No brekkie at all.

A quarter (25%) of people skip breakfast once or more during the week.’ Naughty naughty.

It’s time to get excited about breakfast with some tasty choices to supercharge your morning….

1. Poached eggs, avo on toast

Everyone’s going mad for avo on toast these days. Probably because avocado is a superfood and all. Plus it contains healthy fat that your body needs. Avocados are full of beneficial nutrients, in fact, they contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. Want to skip the bread? Swap it for some smoked salmon or mackerel and get some extra protein.


2. Blueberry, cinnamon coconut milk porridge

Porridge can be dull, we get it. But there are 38593 different ways you can enjoy porridge. One of which is to add a handful of super nutritious blueberries. Porridge is extra tasty with coconut milk. Mix some oats with coconut milk and heat gently on the hob for a few minutes, add some cinnamon for a dash of sweetness and then sprinkle the blueberries on top. Voila, an easy tasty breakfast.

3. Chocolate protein pancakes

Get yourself some decent protein powder and you can add it into lots of different breakfast recipes. For these pancakes you’ll need cocoa powder, protein, your choice of flour, eggs and milk. Here’s a great recipe which included added banana on top for additional goodness.


4. Homemade crunchy granola & yogurt

Avoid buying granola from the supermarkets as it’s often jam packed with sugar. Don’t be lazy, make it at home, it’s so easy. You just need to buy your chosen ingredients and mix them together, and voila, granola time.

Standard granola is simple made with things such as rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds, coconut flakes, raisins and dried fruit. But you can choose whatever you want, maybe throw a few seeds in there too. Here are a few granola recipes to try.

5. Scrambled eggs and poached salmon on toast

Opt for brown or wholemeal bread for a healthier option. Whisk up some light fluffy scrambled eggs, pop on a piece of toast and top with some nice salty smoked salmon. What a simple yet dreamy breakfast option.


6. The super speedy option – oatcakes, peanut butter and banana

No recipe needed here. Just some plain oatcakes, a few slices of banana to go on top and a low sugar/no palm oil peanut butter from your local health food store. You can probably throw this breakfast together in under one minute so it’s great for those extra hectic mornings.