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How to manage stress at work

Both personally and professionally, we contend with a lot of pressures in our day to day lives.

From career changes to retraining, we’re always looking for the next big thing. How can we handle these exciting times without burning out and facing high level of stress?

These tips will give you a helping hand when it comes to getting on top of your overwhelming feelings. Remember, if you’re really struggling or feeling unwell, always talk to your doctor.

 Portrait of smiling office worker in front of desktop

Get moving

It’s widely known that exercise is one of the best cures for any form of stress. There are several reasons for this:

  • Increased endorphins
  • Reduced emotional intensity
  • Energy and anxiety release
  • Increased body confidence

It’s also proven that regular exercise can keep mental health issues at bay. Take up a class, give running a go or engage a personal trainer and start managing your stress in the best way.

Stress management - exercising

Establish boundaries

You are your most important asset. If you fall victim to unmanaged stress, the whole ship goes down with you. Investing in yourself and giving yourself time for relaxation is important, more so now than ever before. Whether that’s taking a ‘walking meeting’ or turning on your Out Of Office after 5pm, set designated work and relaxation times and stick to them.

Talk about it

We all know that a problem shared is a problem halved. If you’re struggling with work stresses or issues in the workplace, speak to a colleague or ask your manager for a quiet word. It’s better to face the stresses of work with a helping hand, than to suffer in silence and be pulled up on your slipping workload. Check out resources such as Mind, for in depth advice and support.

Get goal setting

Ticking off a ‘to do’ list is super satisfying. By setting yourself daily, weekly and monthly tasks that you can gradually work towards, you’ll soon be feeling back on top of things. You could even set yourself a challenge, or something you want to achieve. Perhaps you’d like to run a half marathon, learn a new sport or qualify in something you love. A sense of achievement and completion will be satisfying and relieves built up tension.

'Write ideas' inspirational notebook

Ditch the bad habits

Staying up too late, choosing convenience over health and unwinding with unhealthy snacks are all habits that’ll lead to greater stress in the long run. Nurture and look after yourself, especially when you’re stressed. Whether that’s practising meditation, doing some yoga or going for a walk, reach for healthy stress relievers wherever possible.

Work smarter

It’s a cliché, but there might just be something behind the saying ‘work smarter, not harder’. If you’re feeling under pressure and weighed down by your workload, perhaps it’s time to look for a new way to schedule your day. Lots of entrepreneurs and big CEO’s swear by tactics such as Pomodoro or schedule blocking. Essentially, attack tasks in bitesize chunks rather than freaking yourself out with just how much you have to do today.

Make a change

Ok, this one is a big one. Sometimes your stress levels are due to something outside of your control. For example, you may be having personal problems or really struggling to enjoy your job. If you’re certain that your stress is caused by one particular area in your life, don’t be disheartened.

It’s never too late to make a change, and so many people do. Start by trying to manage your stress levels and see if you notice an improvement. If you’re lusting after the job you’ve always wanted and it’s keeping you up at night, perhaps it really is time is time to bite the bullet and pursue your dream career. Get in touch with our career consultants today to talk through your career goals and advance your life.