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How to survive the first day of your new role

The first day of a new job can be nerve-wracking. It’s an obstacle course of introductions, fire safety regulations and the ultimate challenge of not knowing where to eat your lunch. Here’s our step-by-step survival guide on how to nail your first day.

Wake up early

6am is an ideal time. We know it’s an early wake-up call, but you’ll thank us when you rock up at your new workplace looking fresh and feeling your best. Giving yourself time in the morning to prep will mean you arrive ready to take on the day, as opposed to disheveled and rushed. Take time to eat a good breakfast too. No one likes sitting next to someone with a rumbly tummy.

Dress appropriately

We’re not saying you need to suit up, but try to wear clothes that are comfortable, smart and will fit in with what other people are wearing. A good tip is to prepare your outfit the night before as there’s nothing worse than dashing around on the morning of your first day trying to find something to wear. Avoid that stressful scenario at all costs by preparing beforehand.

Get there early, but not too early

Aim to arrive ten minutes before your start time – you want to appear keen and raring to go, but you don’t want to arrive too early on the first day and be a disturbance for your new co-workers if no one is ready to greet you.


It goes without saying really, but remember to smile and be friendly whilst you’re taking it all in. Everyone you meet is a potential new friend and someone who might be able to help you further down the line. Office politics are real, and the more people that like you, the better you’ll come off in situations down the line when you need help. Never underestimate the power of building good relationships. The first day is a great time to set the tone and make some good first impressions.

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Relax and be yourself

You’ve landed your dream role because you had the best qualifications, the most valid experience and they liked you as a person. You’ve already done the hard bit, now it’s just time to relax and enjoy the role. Be yourself and let your personality and passion for the job shine through.

Make notes

Taking a few notes here and there shows you’re engaged and will be useful as you learn the ropes. The first day of any new role means lots of new information, new logins and new systems that you need to get your head around. Pen and paper are your friends on the first day – use them wisely.

CV detox career advice

If these tips still aren’t filling you with confidence, our expert CV detox team are on hand to help you prep for that all important first day. Here’s their take on the first-day jitters and the help they offer to support our students…

‘Starting a new job normally comes with a cocktail of excitement and nerves. It’s all the unknown; navigating your way around the new workplace, introducing yourself as ‘the newbie’ to your colleagues, seeing lots of new things and communicating in what might seem like a new language. Every company is different, and some offer a more friendly welcome and structured on-boarding process than others. Whatever the situation though, we in the CV detox team can help you feel prepared and at ease. We will provide you with the tools and confidence to give the best first impression of you at your new work home’.


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Once the initial nerves are over, your first day can be really fun. As long as you prepare in advance and are willing grab the opportunity with both hands, then you’ll smash it. Good luck!