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How young people can get ahead in tech with online learning

Discover how gaining valuable digital skills early on can be the perfect stepping stone into a successful career in a sustainable industry. 

Due to the recent circumstances, it’s clear that young people are not going to be attending school for the foreseeable future. We’ve seen a high number of concerned parents, looking for a way for their children to spend their time productively and wanted to introduce you to the world of online learning and the tech industry.


The benefits of online learning


A top benefit of online learning is that all you need is the internet and a connected device and you can begin your studies. With advancements in technology, learning platforms are far more intelligent and user friendly than they were previously, so that you can learn with ease. 

The majority of our courses are hosted on a platform called Percipio. This innovative platform allows for a truly unique and reliable learning experience. You can gain access to your training on any iOS or Android smartphones and tablets as well as any desktop computer. 

There is even an option to download content so that you can continue learning on the move. It uses the same search function as Netflix, Facebook and eBay which allows you to search through content with ease, to find videos, books and modules.


You complete your training on your schedule. This flexibility allows young people to work when they feel at their most productive and outside other commitments. To put it simply, online learning fits around your lifestyle.


The support you receive alongside your online training is able to be much more personalised. Our dedicated StudentCareTM  team will create a detailed study plan specific to your circumstances and are on-hand to check in on your learning progress and offer support when needed. 

Our Career Services consultants will introduce you to the best tools to approach the relevant job market. This includes tips on how to write your CV, cover letters and creating a LinkedIn profile. You receive exclusive 1-2-1 sessions to review your progress and to guide you through applications and interviews.

Our current student Matt Brandon had this to say about the support he has received. “I chose Learning People as I felt they’re the best student care providers. Obviously, for someone of my age, I wanted to have a lot of guidance, especially near the start, making sure I was progressing well and getting on with the course in the right way.

“With their career advice team, someone of my age, being only 18, it is very useful for me to have someone to go to to get assistance and advice when going into the world of work.”

Learning style

Classroom based learning just isn’t for everyone. Our students thrive through exploring a different way to learn. Consider your child’s learning style and you may find online courses are far better suited. Tracy Pound, MD at Maximity, found this was the case and online learning was the perfect option for her son. “Sending him off to college just would not have worked for his personality at all. He wants to learn, but he wants to learn on his terms, in his way, in his timescale and doing that self-paced learning is far better for him, for me, for my sanity. It will get him the right end result.” 

Join the next generation of tech professionals

Online learning opens up a whole world of opportunities to learn invaluable skills that employers are looking for. This is particularly true within the tech industry with employers regularly reporting they cannot find candidates with the right tech skills to fill their vacancies. 

It is incredibly advantageous for young people to start exploring the tech industry as early on as possible. Industry research is going to help them get an idea of the career pathway they are drawn to and to help decide which certifications will aid them in this. 

Sustainable industry

It’s rare to find a job that doesn’t require technical skills in the current job market. Learning professional digital skills is vital and allows you to enter a sustainable industry. With 2019 setting a new record of over £10bn being invested into UK tech companies, this fast growing industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Cyber Security currently boasts an unemployment rate of zero percent, making it an extremely lucrative career pathway with high job satisfaction. In an interview with Helen Oswell, a cyber security engineer at 6point6, she told us that during her daily tasks she will regularly have an interview. “Everyone’s recruiting in cyber security at the moment. Very often I’ll have a phone interview or a face to face… there aren’t enough people to fill the places. There’s definitely room for people in the industry.” Beginning on a certification pathway in cyber security now would put your child on the right track to joining this exciting industry.

Learning People | Young person learning online

Where to start?

We have some incredible beginner courses for young people looking to enter the tech industry. 

CompTIA A+

CompTIA are tech industry experts and have easy certification pathways to follow. Beginning with the CompTIA A+ introduces the basics of professional IT skills and documents them to future employers. With over 1 million professionals holding the certification it has become a universally accepted standard on job applications. Once you’ve completed the CompTIA A+ you can follow pathways into areas like networking, sysadmin, cyber security, cloud and more.

The course takes around 70-80 hours meaning it can be completed in a couple of weeks. It comes equipped with online practise labs to make learning even easier and applies skills to real-life situations.


Skillsoft have created an incredible coding learner pathway for beginners. Teaching skills from a complete novice to expert pythonista in around 50 hours. Learning to code is a fantastic opportunity for young people and is encouraged by many successful tech industry experts, including co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 

Once you’ve learnt one coding language, it is much easier to learn others and leads to a wonderful career involving continuous learning. Developers are famously well paid and there is a demand for them within almost every industry. 

Even the Natural History Museum in London uses coders to create interactive fun for its visitors. Jade is a software developer at the museum. “My work consists of building cool new interactives that are displayed on screens throughout the museum, that either consist of games for children or sources of information that people can click buttons and interact with.”

PRINCE2® Foundation

Is your child a natural born leader? Gaining a beginners certification in project management is an amazing way to boost their CV. The PRINCE2 foundation offers a structured, reliable method that you can apply to any project, in any company, anywhere in the world. It opens up opportunities that are truly global.

With the course only taking around 20 hours to complete, it’s incredible value for the skills it will equip anyone new to the industry.

Talk to an expert career consultant 

Our career consultants are experts in guiding people of any age to the right learning pathway and are more than happy to offer expert advice to parents and prospective students alike. Get in touch for a complimentary consultation call to find out more.