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Is it ever too late to change careers?

Do you find yourself dreading Mondays? In this day and age, there are loads of reasons why it’s never too late for a career change up.

Women working on a laptop

It’s a different time

In today’s employment market, the average person changes jobs 10 to 15 times and most workers spend less than 5 years in a single role. It’s perfectly ok to move companies, roles and industries; in fact, it’s almost expected. With the ever rapid advancement of technology and changing consumer priorities, new roles and responsibilities pop up regularly. For example, AI, ethical hacking, UX design, influencing and crypto-currency are all sectors that barely existed 5-10 years ago.

The gig economy has also kickstarted a hive of industry in recent years, with over 2.8 million people having dipped their toe in. So, if you’re looking at a career change that means ditching the 9-5 all together, you could turn your hobby into a thriving career.

Whether it’s freelancing or starting your own limited company, age is absolutely no limit. Did you know that Colonel Sanders didn’t start KFC until he was 40 years old?

Training opportunities are everywhere

Investing in yourself no longer means heading to university, or taking time off to retrain. Online learning portals and digital courses are fast becoming the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to give your career a leg up. From 2013 onwards, the eLearning sector is predicted to grow by 23% year on year. It’s not just popular, it’s prolific.

It’s not just newer industries that are producing courses. Whether you’re looking at more traditional roles, such as project management, IT or digital marketing, or groundbreakers like coding, Amazon Web Services or cyber-security , there’s an online course that’ll give it to you. 

Diplomas, certificates and programs are the currency of the job market today. Plus, most courses are entirely flexible. You get access to training materials, videos and revision topics 24/7. As long as you’re ready for the exam, you can fit the work in around your current job and take away the stress of jumping ship with nowhere to go.

Project manager in a meeting

We value our mental health in 2019

The Wolf Of Wall Street mentality has well and truly left the building. These days, both employers and employees have new priorities at the forefront. Protecting our own mental health, and that of our employees is a huge responsibility. In a world of constant stimulation and pressure, we expect a lot more from our workplaces.

A study at the University of Manchester found that having a highly stressful job could be as damaging as having no job at all. Burnout is a real thing: insomnia, panic attacks, headaches, digestive issues and anxiety are all very real side effects of a very real state. 

If you’re feeling more than just Sunday night dread, it really is time to look elsewhere.

You could be getting paid more for loving your job

Not only could you be getting much better job satisfaction, but you could also be getting paid much more for the privilege.

The average salaries for those in marketing, advertising, PR, electronics and retail are on the up by as much as 29%.

It’s never too late for a happy ending

Remember when you were at college or school and first conceived the dream of what you wanted to ‘be when you grow up’. There are courses for almost any career path, and it’s easier than ever to fit training around your current job or lifestyle.

Have the kids moved out? Left for university? This could be the perfect time to invest in yourself and finally live out the dream you’ve always wanted to.

Essentially, it’s never too late to change your career, look after your mental health or take on a new challenge. You can teach an old dog new tricks after all. 

If you’re thinking about a career change or even retraining, speak to one of our expert career consultants today.