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Meet 5 people who have experienced a career change and never looked back

It’s a common misconception that there is a point at which you can no longer pursue the role of your dreams. Well, that simply is not the case and this lot are here to prove it to you…

‘It’s never too late to start a happy ending’

Elise Valmorbida

Project manager leading a meeting

Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s founder and one of the richest men on the planet didn’t begin his career in e-commerce or even retail. The business mogul actually kicked off his career in computer science on Wall Street. From tech to notorious at the age of 31, Jeff proves that you can start a business at any age.

Terry Crews

Award-winning comedy actor from Everybody Hates Chris and Brooklyn Nine Nine, Terry actually kicked things off as an NFL player. Not only are these two polar opposite industries, but they’re both pretty competitive.

Vera Wang

World famous for her stunning bridal range and jewellery lines, Vera was previously known for cutting some very different shapes. Before getting into fashion at 40 years old, Vera was a figure skater and journalist.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Good old Arnie has had two major career changes to rival all others. From world champion body builder, to award-winning actor, to Governor of California at 56 years old. Arnold’s tried his hand at three major careers and excelled in all of them.

Jonah Peretti

Whilst you might not know Jonah, you’ll know his baby. Buzzfeed. You wouldn’t think that the founder of such a popular cultural hub was once a middle school ICT teacher, would you?

Group of peers learning online together

So, how do you go about initiating a colossal gear shift in your career?

1)    Commit to yourself

Before embarking on your career change journey, check in with yourself. Commit to practising good self care habits: eat healthily, exercise regularly, take time out and indulge in your favourite activities once in a while.

2)    Try it out

If you can afford to dabble in a little freelancing or volunteering, why not check out your potential career on a temporary basis. By dipping your toe in the water, you’ll know for certain whether taking the leap is the right move.

3)    Be proactive

Many people who decide to change up their career later in life worry that they won’t be taken seriously, especially by recruiters. Be proactive about your search, dedicate time to your CV, look into courses and retraining and ask for help when you need it.

4)    Get clear on what you want

Changing careers is different from changing jobs. During a career change, there will be many questions and hurdles to overcome. By getting super clear on what it is you want from your career change, you’re better equipped to ask for it.

5)    Network

One of the easiest ways to get into the career you desire is to mix with those who are already there. Seek out networking opportunities, hang out with employees from a company you like, utilise platforms like LinkedIn to connect with your target industry.

6)    Enlist a professional

If you’re struggling to go it alone, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Chat with our career consultants and check out our CV detox service that exclusively available to our students.

Woman on a laptop in a cafe

The 5 examples above prove that switching up your career is possible, but it might lead to much more than better job satisfaction. Those who are happy in their jobs are usually better at their jobs. 

If you’re ready to make positive changes to both your professional and personal life, get in touch with our expert career consultants today for free, impartial career advice.