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Morning productivity tips: 9 things to do before you go to work in the morning

A good start to the day will last. A bad start is difficult to shake off. In this Learning People blog we (as always) provide positive and realistic guidance to give you a natural and balanced start to your day, that will pay dividends throughout. So, if your day starts with a bump, read on for self-soothing and smoothing options that will give you the head space and feel good factors to last the day ahead.

Attractive young woman working on a desktop computer smiling as she leans forwards reading text on the screen, view over the monitor

1. Plan your morning

A good routine is in the planning and realistically, the only way to plan your morning is in advance. How much time do you need for essential tasks and how much time can you truly dedicate to additional activities that will set you up for the day ahead. Work backwards from the time you have to be at work and factor in the basics such as journey time, showering, breakfast.  This will ensure you know when you need to get up and when you need to leave and enough time for everything in between.

2. Exercise?

This doesn’t have to be crazy. Ten simple push ups or sit ups will get the heart going and naturally wake the body. Or, if you have capacity, a short run around the block will inject some fresh air and outside world into your system, transitioning from several hours of slumber into an energised wake up.

Portait of a blond girl getting stretching her legs before running outdoors

3. Hydrate

Tea for some is the staple go-to for morning refreshment, (which is no bad thing). However, try to avoid adding sugar, as a spike in blood sugar levels will naturally rebound hunger leading to over eating for your next meal. A half pint of cold water will help to hydrate and gently start filling the stomach which will then lead to eating a more considered breakfast.

4. Break the fast

You’ve been without food for anything from 6 to 10 hours, so replenishing with glucose and nutrients is essential for your body and mind. Think of it as the first fuel of your day and the foundation of your body’s energy levels. Eggs will increase the feeling of fullness, reducing the calorific intake of your following meal, which in turn maintains steady blood sugars and insulin levels. They’re also a good source of protein, are very versatile and contain choline which is an important nutrient for brain and liver health.

5. Take time out

We’re not talking about a feature length movie here or several chapters of your current novel.  Just five minutes of watching the news or listening to music while you have a coffee will give a sense of time-out, removing stress and organic resentment that occurs from feeling as though your life’s not your own!

Multi-ethnic millennial couple having a drink on rooftop terrace at sunset

6. Tidy

Again, this isn’t a suggestion to prepare for a royal visit, but more a psychological trick to empower. By having control over your surroundings you automatically feel powerful and calm. Removing clutter from your life is a great way to increase focus and can be tackled baby step at a time – just try to avoid overkill and do things that lead to a positive environment.

7. See the day ahead

What better way to approach the day than knowing what you’re doing and why.  Remind yourself of what you need to do first (and why) when you get to work. What’s critical and what can wait. Prioritising will not just improve your professional output, but will also enhance the way you feel about each task as it comes.

8. Dress for you

There’s nothing more frustrating than a bad wardrobe choice made in haste. Few of us have the option to reconsider once in the office, so choose what will make you feel good. This loops back to planning your morning and even confirming your garment options the night before will allow you to make the best choice first thing.

9. Stay vigilant

What do you like about your job? What are you grateful for and what would you change if given the chance? If you’re unable to think of three good things about your job, then perhaps it’s time to make a positive change. What interests you and what are you good at?  How much money do you want to earn and in which sector?  Learning People facilitate these answers daily with potential students and drill down to what matters and what makes you tick. If your day to day is not working out, then contact us for an impartial and professional consultation. which will map out a clear road to a better you.