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Professional development training: proof there's never a bad time

Ok, so you’ve been out of practice for a while when it comes to studying – we get it.

And sure, your boss mentioned the possibility of a promotion that time back in 2003 so naturally you’re banking on that happening any day now. And we guess you could just blag it that you have all the fresh and fancy knowledge when you’re in those monthly meetings with the directors. And, oh, hang on a minute, those Ikea shelves still need putting up in the kitchen and…

Let go of the excuses because, the only thing stopping you from taking another dip into the glorious pool of knowledge is yourself.

There’s no such thing as bad timing when it comes to professional development training or learning new skills so here are some armbands of wisdom and inflatables of truth to get you to the water’s edge: 

1. You’re already better than you think

The fact that you’re here reading this post shows that you’re already committed to learning new skills and upping your game at work.

For that you should look in the mirror, give yourself a wink and a self affirming fist bump because you pal, have conquered the hardest part.

You know a lot and you do a great job already but those gaps in your knowledge are holding you back from being 100% brilliant. Why stop yourself from reaching maximum greatness eh?

Go back to that mirror, pull your best steely eyed power pose, start valuing yourself as much as you want any employer to value you and focus on the simple routes to hitting your full potential. 



2. Don’t blag it, own it

It’s one thing winning the blaggers crown at the Christmas Do but it’s a whole other thing getting to that career defining meeting feeling fresh, ready and confident.

You know that sense of being in the right place, at the right time and owning it? It’s the opposite of that sweaty and unsure sensation you get when your usual talking the talk presentation gets trumped by your office nemesis with their new fangled wizardry and jargon.

And hey if it’s a promotion you’re after, waiting in the wings with some panicked quick thinking probably ‘aint gonna help you climb that ladder.

Whatever your goals, professional development training will have you walking the walk within months. As well as keeping you at the top of you game you’ll bounce into the office every day feeling prepared and bloody great. All the time.


3. Sting like a bee

Those fresh young 20 somethings joining your company may not be able to compete with your in house experience, or your undeniably deep knowledge of the company’s fire safety procedure, but what about all the latest “must have” skills they’re bringing with them?

As much as you don’t want to hear it, they’re extremely well equipped to step straight into your job as soon as you step away from your desk for two seconds to collect a fax.

You see what we’re getting at? You need to up your game and stop living in the past… It’s the only way you’re going to stay relevant.

Stay cool, stay competitive and stay relevant by learning new skills with an online course so you can keep your edge razor sharp.


4. The IKEA shelves can wait

Enough of avoidance techniques! Move the kinda-needed-but-non-essential-DIY to the bottom of your to do list and scribble CAREER back at the top.

If you have your eye on a career change or company move then taking time to work on your desirability will add shine for prospective employers as well as giving you an extra pep of confidence from application through to interview.

Professional development training shows gumption, drive and commitment… of course, so does putting up some Ikea shelves… We all know that. But with a professional development course, six hours of it will have you feeling confident and accomplished, not reeling and filled with pure hatred for shelves, the whole of Sweden, and anyone who crossed your path whilst seeing if the 100th dowel rod was finally the one that fitted.

5. Time is precious

Uh oh, ok maybe you’ll be in the doghouse if you don’t suck it up, forgive Sweden and finish those shelves… the truth is, the more stuff you have to do, the more efficient you are and the less time gets wasted. Time is precious after all… we mean that in the way the last crispy roast potato on a Sunday is precious, rather than the creepy Gollum with the gold ring kind of way.

With nine to 12 months to complete an online course – 24 months in some cases – a bit of careful planning means that even the self proclaimed busiest bods have the time to learn. 

That’s part of the joy and spangle that comes with taking on a well planned, super accredited course that’s recognised by employers worldwide and selected specifically to fit your ambitions.

So what are you waiting for?



This is where you just jump right in… Get in touch with our learning consultants to find out which course is right for you and your career goals.

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