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Secure your future with a career in tech

Planning for your future career can be a scary task. With options being thrown at you from every angle it can be difficult to decide where to start. Here at Learning People, we provide online courses that are designed to make you career ready for a role in the technology industry.

So far in 2021, the UK has doubled its number of $10bn companies – dubbed ‘decacorns’ – thanks to the current tech boom. Companies recently reaching $10bn in value include the UK’s most valuable tech firm Revolut, online supermarket Ocado, and online clothing giant Farfetch. This shows the tech industry is only on a trajectory to grow in the coming years, and that now is the perfect time to start or advance your career in tech.

Our mission at Learning People is to advise career starters and demystify careers in tech, with expert career consultants on-hand to give you a call or email to answer any questions.

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Online learning vs. university

In a world that has previously depended on university degrees to get a boost into the perfect career, we want to remind you that it is no longer your only option

Online learning is an innovative and exciting alternative that can open you up into endless possibilities, without the average £45,000 worth of student loan debt incurred by going to uni. Going further, it allows you to work from any location at a schedule that can suit any lifestyle.

For those who want or need to begin earning as soon as possible, an online course can be completed alongside any job. You will be fully supported by course mentors to keep you on track and offer guidance whenever needed.  

Designed with your career in mind

We primarily offer courses within the areas of coding, cyber security, IT and project management. These are 4 of the most sustainable career paths in the job market with the demand increasing year on year. This means employers are actively looking for skilled professionals with these certifications to fill their vacancies. 

Our online courses are constantly updated to remain relevant and in keeping with employer demands. They are designed to bring you the confidence to apply all the knowledge you learn within a real-life professional situation. This is something universities often fail to incorporate and can be a main cause of unemployment amongst university graduates. 

Start on your future-proofed career path

Our certifications and course collections are each catered towards career paths. Students on our full stack developer course have found themselves in junior developer roles within a few months of starting the course. This is before they have even finished the certification and it is because the course immediately works towards building a portfolio to attract employers.

For instance, hear from our full stack development student Jake, on how he started from scratch with coding and is now following his dreams of freelance web development: 

Coding, and our other “big 4” industries catered for at Learning People, is a career path that will stand you in good stead for life. At present, data scientists, machine learning engineers, full stack developers, and games developers are among the most in-demand professionals in the 2021 developer job market

To help you land your first role in your desired industry, we also offer a personalised career service to each of our students. Working closely with recruitment experts, we have collated all the information you need to form an eye-catching and relevant CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Alongside these guides, you also have a personalised consultation with a career expert to offer unique insights and advice into how to reach your career goals. This is a massive opportunity which we are proud to say is currently unrivalled by other online learning providers.

Which course is right for you?

The honest answer here is, it is completely based on your career plan. Many of our beginner courses require no previous experience and the more advanced courses are structured to be easy to follow.

In addition to the course content, we have a dedicated StudentCare team to support you with any queries and a network of real industry experts to advise you via email. We pride ourselves on providing certifications which are suitable for everyone and will always go the extra mile to help someone reach their dream job.

  • Coding

Discover all aspects of web development with our coding courses. It’s an engaging and challenging industry to work in. Learn the different coding languages and understand how to create life-changing applications. Work for industry leading companies or become your own boss with a wealth of clients.

  • IT and cyber security

Our IT courses cover everything from entry level to the niche and advanced. Refining your skills in IT is a great way to remain relevant and to stand out in the job market. Enter a vital role and become an ethical hacker with the tools to prevent a cyber security disaster. Our IT courses are extremely varied so there really is something for everyone.

  • Project management

Project management is truly global, with opportunities in every industry. Our certifications will give you the skills needed  to get you from a project administrator to project director and more. We also have courses specifically for quality management and agile project management. Learn how to lead any project on any scale.

Hear from an expert

We interviewed CompTIA’s Chief Technology Evangelist to hear his take on the tech industry and a unique insight into how he would recommend starting out.

“Trust me, I wish I had gotten certified earlier because I wouldn’t have had anywhere near the amount of student loan debt that I had to pay off.

I got lucky. I got into the tech world and was able to pay off that student loan pretty quickly, but do you know how nice it would’ve been to buy a nicer car, another car, other than that student loan debt?”

Your next steps

From here, take some time to consider your career plan. Take a look at our course pages to see if you can already see a particular pathway of interest.

Remember to register your details and one of our career consultants will be in touch to talk about your experience and discuss you goals. We’ll only recommend the most relevant courses for you and your personal consultant will guide you through enrolment with complete transparency. It’s an exciting journey and we can’t wait to guide you through it.