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Is the tuition fee system ripping off UK university students

Being consistently at the sharp end of future education, we are faced day to day with the struggles, woes and hardships of those tackling ‘where to go’ next with their professional lives. This is often the result of post or pending financial constraints imposed by the standard education system.

In this heavyweight article we challenge the recent BBC publication asking if the tuition fee system is ripping off UK university students…     


What are the actual financials we and our loved ones face when ‘hitting the books’ at university?

Almost all courses are charged at the maximum £9,250 per year and interest rates are up to 6.1%. The prime minister said students in England faced “One of the most expensive systems of university tuition in the world” and “the level of fees charged do not relate to the cost or quality of the course”.

A somewhat shocking fact is the current interest rate for standard education borrowing being set to risefrom 6.1% to 6.3%, a staggering 4.8% over and above what our very own government borrows at…

 “By 2044, when many of today’s students will still be paying off their loans, the student loan book will have grown to more than £1tn, rising to £1.2tn by 2049…”

What is the return on investment for a university education?

Our Parent Series looked closely at both hard and soft skills gained by standard education, compared to that of self-paced online professional training.  Feedback from actual students of the academic system sadly informs us that their newly learnt skills are simply not enough, or even worse out of date, to forge their way into a new career in technology. 

Those learning code and software development are learning outdated languages, and those hoping to head up the next phase of Cyber Pro’s by completing a masters in Cyber Security are unable to break in with their skills at hand.  This is partly due to technological advances overtaking the speed in which an academic syllabus can be written and implemented, but mainly due to the fact that a broad education ‘on topic’ simply does not provide career ready skills for instant employability.



Is online learning a realistic alternative to university education?

Learning online today is not so much an alternative to University, but moreover a realistic way to achieve industry relevant, job ready skills – all of which are validated by official vendor awarded certifications.  Tech’ certifications are written by the industry which naturally means a response to industry demand and needs.  An example of this in action can be seen with CompTIA’s CySA+. 

The Cyber Security Analyst certification was created in order to ‘fill the space’ that occurred whereby professionals did not exist who could leverage behavioral analytics to identify and combat malware, and advanced persistent threats.  Additional endorsements include the CompTIA CySA+ meeting the ISO 17024 standards and being approved by U.S. Department of Defense.      

what are the benefits of learning online?  

Flexibility:  Choosing when and where you learn creates for a happy empowered environment and state of mind, which in turn means a greater ability to concentrate, enhanced intake and increased retention of information.

Affordability:  With professional online learning packages costing less than half of that than 1 year at University, the return on investment speaks for itself with Information Security careers averaging circa 70k per annum.

Diversity:  Whether you wish to master the craft of project management, whilst working in an agile environment, or build design and develop web applications and or fully functional e-commerce websites, or perhaps be in a positive minority of those able to test, secure and consult on IT infrastructure globally, then online learning is present for all of the above.       

Contact us today to learn where online learning can take your career.  One of our dedicated career consultants will take a comprehensive snapshot of you and your goals to provide a realistic and tangible roadmap.