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The benefits of online learning for Generation Z

Generation Z are the tech professionals of the future and the industry needs certified Gen Z’s in their workforce.

We’ve explored why this specific generation gets the most out of online, self-paced learning and how it’s going to positively affect the future of the tech industry.


Who are Generation Z?

The Z Generation cohort follows on from ‘Millennials’, with birth dates typically ranging from mid-90’s up to the mid-2000’s. These guys have used the internet since a very young age which has resulted in them being completely comfortable with most forms of technology and social media.   

Interestingly, it’s also stated that Gen Z’s are motivated by security – and although entrepreneurial, they are a pragmatic generation concerned with making a difference and having a secure life both in and outside of the workplace. This is attributed to perhaps being at a young age during the great recession and directly experiencing the impact of a parents financial struggles.

Gen Z’s are said to be the first true global culture due to their characteristics and trends being more uniform around the world + being the most open minded generation to date…

The positive outcome of a digital reality from an early age is that Gen Z’s make incredible multitaskers. Being able and having to switch between multiple stimuli ‘on the fly’ ensures that checking for an update and then being able to immediately focus to the task in hand comes naturally.   


How does online learning directly benefit Gen Z?  

Generation Z’s have been referred to as true ‘digital natives’ this is due to growing up with Wi-Fi and smart devices being the norm. This organically dictates the need to maneuver between platforms and adapt to new, updated and emerging software’s daily – even hourly.

This in turn means that one of the biggest benefits for Gen Z’s embarking upon online learning is that the interface is one of control and familiarity. If you’re comfortable and familiar with an environment, then chances are you’ll naturally benefit from it. Generation Z also want to be catered for –  and having the freedom to control your classes and choose your schedule not only fits in with the digital paced world as it is today, but also gives the user a flexible yet self-structured approach.



What are the benefits of online learning with Learning People?

The end result of online learning with the Learning People is career ready education. Firstly, we perform a consultation looking at current status, skill levels, previous experience and or qualifications, transferable skills, career aspirations and salary expectations.

Second step is to confirm an appropriate training and certification pathway to fill in any gaps in current knowledge – certify and validate existing skills and ensure that students are working to current best practice and industry standards.

The third but not final step is setting up the student with all the relevant tools, resources and enrolment period required to achieve their goals in a measurable time-frame.

With all learning being online and self paced, the absorption and retention of information is naturally higher than that of a classroom. With 80% of classroom content leaving the mind just 3 hours following end of lesson.   


How do the Learning People actually provide career ready education?  

Being partnered with all the major job boards throughout the UK enables us to accurately identify where the skill shortages are and what precise training and certifications are to ‘fill the gaps’. Working with all major vendors such as:

  • CompTIA

  • EC-Council


  • Microsoft for IT

  • the Project Management Institute

  • Six Sigma


  • CODE Institute

We’re able to facilitate globally recognised career ready education with certifications to validate both hard and soft skills.

The holistic learning style has resulted in the Learning People experiencing an average 92% first time pass rate. More importantly, the nature of our training ensures that it equals career ready education.

If you’d like to speak with one of our tech’ career experts, get in touch and let our career consultants guide the next Gen Z’s make the right choice with their career ready education.