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The most innovative places to work in Oz

Beers in hand, BBQ on the go and still in your wetsuit after a gnarly surf, the lifestyle in Australia couldn’t be any different to that of the UK. So what jobs are available down under for us tech junkies?

The tech industry in Australia is rapidly growing year on year. Government predictions are suggesting it will be one of the hottest growers between now and 2022; with employment figures to increase by 12.5%.

So without further a do here are the most innovative places to work in Oz.



2018 couldn’t of come any better for the Surray-Hills design startup Canva, becoming Australia’s latest tech “unicorn”. Now may be the best time to get our applications ready, as the start-up company, whose apps help individuals and companies create a variety of different digital marketing strategies aspire to double their current 250 strong wallabies over the next year.

With these endless company perks, we could be forgiven for mistaking this as an ultimate getaway retreat.

  • The in house chef prepares breakfast and lunch ready for colleagues. The ethos of having a healthy team is said to reduce stress and create greater productivity.
  • Free overseas trips come standard. So it would be rude not to.
  • Fully stocked bar every day 
  • Yoga and meditation is also provided.
  • Pet friendly – need we say more?



Do you fancy uncovering the facts to one of the worlds largest data leaks, Nuix had a major part to play.

They aim to be the leading technology company for solving complex real-world data challenges. Specialising in cybersecurity, intelligence and risk management. This company covers it all when it comes to tech.

When the world’s biggest data leak – the Panama Papers – hit the news, Nuix software was crucial in uncovering the facts. The electronic discovery software was used to index the 11.5 million files and 2.6 terabytes of data in only 2 days.

Within the last two years, the team has grown by nearly 20% to bring current employees near the 400 mark with a large focus on hiring technical candidates. The company has all but confirmed plans to pursue a public listing that may deliver the ASX a new $1 billion-plus technology company.



Opening an ultra-modern office in Sydney in 2013 overlooking the city tower, the company are eager to match the continued growth the Australia market is seeing in the tech industry and is looking to double its staff numbers in the near future.

Perks don’t come short with this company but by far the most impressive is the free comprehensive and affordable health insurance; for you and the family.



Atlassian is used everyday for improving software development, project management, collaboration and code quality. The story of this company has been once success to another. In the last year, they launched a global data centre in Europe, bought Tello – a productivity app with over 14 million users- to take on Microsoft office and they hired a new CEO.

Perks include:

  • Work spaces are designed for each team’s requirements, movable desk spaces mean some teams choose to change daily.
  • Not to forget the vital ingredient needed for brits to function – tea points are dotted around the office.
  • Strict no dress code is enforced during the week – although if you do insist on brushing up, dress up Friday competition may suit you well.
  • In true Aussie style – a free bar. Necessary restriction are put in place to ensure you don’t lose your beach bod, as it only opens on a Friday.

why the Aussie lifestyle

Now we all know the assumptions that come with living in Australia, but the Australian lifestyle certainly has its benefits compared to the dreary UK.

Before you start checking the one-way flight prices, the first step should be to find a visa. Luckily for you, the tech industry is included on the list of skilled occupations most in demand.

If the long-haul stay isn’t your thing then the most common way to move is the temporary skilled visa, which allows companies to sponsor employees from abroad for up to four years if their skills are in demand.

If your aspiring to get into the tech industry, finding the right internationally recognised course could expand your future career into most countries.

Coding, project management and digital marketing are all growing in demand worldwide and having the right qualification can mean your job opportunities are endless.

Why not start learning today for that aspiring career change you wanted or to further progress your skills in the industry.