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Things to put on a CV: 5 extra curricular wins to get you hired

Spoiler alert!!! We’re about to shatter a big illusion. And expose the truth behind a myth you’ve believed for years. Take a breath. Ready?

Bosses, hiring managers and all colleagues – especially the ones you hate – are humans. Just like you. We know. We were shocked too!

You’ve been treating your alien peers all wrong by assuming they’re only interested in your school grades and what office experience makes you the right man for the job. Yawn.

Now you know the truth you can use this to your advantage when applying for a job and appealing to their human nature for bonus points that could inch you ahead of your competition. Especially if you’re a recent graduate, we’ll teach you the 5 top extra curricular things to put on a CV that could get you in the good books.

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1. The volunteer

Showcase your social responsibility, your nurturing nature and charming ability to show others empathy when you take on some voluntary work.

Everyone loves the good guy – especially one with solid evidence of good deeds and selfies with rescued kittens. We’re talking hands on voluntary work and the integrity you show when it comes down to the nitty gritty of the fundraising too.

That community spirit and emotional intelligence shining from your soul will make you the pied piper of recruiters! #warmglow

2. The sporting don

streetball basketball game with two young player at early morning on city court.jpeg

Even if you never quite made it to the lofty rank of Captain, showing that you’re a team player with pride for your team’s achievements will earn you a smile as wide as a half time orange slice from that hiring manager.

There’s also that healthy dose of self discipline and competitiveness that comes with being a sporting superstar that will show that you’re hungry for a challenge, and won’t be afraid to tackle it head on!

3. The lover of learning

You’ve got initiative and a passion for learning by the bag load. Heck you’ve even studied an elearning course to lay the foundations for you to take on this job to the best of your ability.

Whether your goal is a tactical career side step or total career change, then a spot of elearning to bring your knowledge up to date or to even add a whole new set of skills to your CV is a logical route straight to awesome. What’s that? More things to put on a CV? #score

A willingness to improve and learn is a sure winner when impressing a hiring manager and will elevate your confidence in the interview room too.

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4. The leader

people group jogging, runners team on morning training.jpeg

Anything that amplifies your leadership skills will make you one to watch in the eyes of every talent spotter out there.

You can talk excitedly about your achievements where you’ve led the way to success outside of the office block, because they matter just as much.

We know you’re always first to the bar, the one starting off the mexican wave, and organiser of all those charity fun runs where you inevitably dress like a lobster, washing machine, gorilla, olympian – Don’t be afraid to let everyone else know too. It will make you more interesting. We like you more already.

5. The antisocial one

Sometimes the final thing to score you the gig is not your CV. It’s you.

So all those extra curricular activities that keep you busy at the weekend add to your confidence and likeability. Because let’s face it, the final question a manager will ask themselves is – ‘do I want to work with him/her?’

If you’re a charismatic dynamo in the interview, nailing not only the work based situation questions and never missing a beat when discussing your career experience, your engaging nature – plus winning smile and sharp suit – will hit the spot.

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