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What are we doing to solve the tech skills gap crisis?

Did you know that 79% of technology employers have shared that their top recruitment concern for the coming year is the shortage of suitable applicants? Three-quarters of which stated that they’ve experienced moderate to extreme skills shortages in recent times.

We’re on a mission to bridge the tech skills gap by guiding individuals to advance their lives by becoming qualified tech professionals and working closely with businesses to deliver the right talent to them. But how are we planning to do this?

25,000 students and counting

There are over 25,000 students enrolled with Learning People to date. That means there are on average 25,000 individuals who are self-funding their career progression and that are actively searching for new or expanded opportunities within the tech world.

With this in mind, we began to question exactly why there’s still a skills gap crisis if there are so many of our students alone that are ready and waiting to enter a career in tech. This is when we started to investigate.

From our research, we found the following insights which we believe are working against both qualified professionals and recruiters who are looking to solve the tech skills gap:

  • The majority of talent acquisition is currently focussing on the work individuals has already done, rather than their capabilities.
  • Recruiters have rarely considered the direct effect that technology advancements have had on the recruitment space, which means they’re not utilising it to its full potential.
  • CVs are available in bulk and often undervalued, which has resulted in talent being missed if they’re not a 100% direct match.

Our key takeaway from this is that there is not a full circle solution for qualified professionals to be efficiently recruited by businesses who are being affected by the tech skills gap. Until now.

Improving the system

Our proposition aims to align our students with careers and companies through psychometric and cognitive ability matching. This will result in the right candidate being delivered directly to the company that’s the perfect fit for their qualifications, abilities and chosen career path.

We encourage and support all of our students through their journey of personal development and updating their skill set. No matter what their education and career background, we will guide them through their career ready training and continue to support their career progression once they’ve landed their dream career in tech.

Partnering with businesses across the globe

If you fall within the 79% who are concerned about recruiting suitable individuals for tech roles within your business or you have tech careers ready to be filled by qualified professionals, let’s partner together to solve the tech skills gap crisis by delivering you the perfect candidate.

It’s the employers who can help us develop this proposition. It’s businesses that will help us to deliver our mission to help both individuals advance their careers in tech and businesses fill their empty tech vacancies.