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What you should look out for when searching for online training opportunities

Our ‘what to look out for’ check list covers both the basics and the critical detail of what you should ensure is present and what is not when considering learning online.

Learning People have traded for a decade within the online training sector and we’ve gained a well-earned reputation for being the market leaders, not just because of official and accredited training, but because we focus on the individual student and their future. So, what have we learnt in the last 10 years when it comes to online training options and what should you be mindful of when searching for online training opportunities?

Group of peers learning online together 

Job guarantee

The ever frequent job guarantee is omni present in online learning. With companies more frequently baiting this powerful pawn, potential students are often all of a sudden powerless to its empty charms. With little research, delving into Terms and Conditions however will unearth a not quite so tempting reality.

The very notion of employment offered purely on the basis of a purchase of training being made simply does not add up. 


Certificate of completion

Imagine going to the motions of sourcing the correct training for your chosen career, then studying all of the said training, using any and all associated research materials in performing top-up research online, and then nothing. 

The majority of providers do not certify, meaning that certification exams are not part of their packages.

Employers and industry rely on Professional Certifications and with good reason.  They’re written to fulfil specific job roles and ensure that workers are ‘safe’ to deploy on infrastructure.  Simply running through a training package will not suffice, as it will not and does not confirm any ability without proctored testing. 


Career support

Some say this is linked to the ‘job guarantee’ pitch, however, true career support is just that. It’s not just helping you obtain gainful employment, but should be helping you to find the right sector and company that will fit your personality, transferable skills and ethos. 

Learning People are a career service from bottom to top, helping you start training from the right point of your chosen career, all the up to entering at a meaningful position.

Learning something new online



Yes, price is always a consideration, but should not be the deciding factor when looking to boost your career in the right direction. 

When performing competitor research, Learning People have found seemingly low cost options to be exactly the opposite. Yes, standalone training will be cheap – however, bolt on tutor support, live sandbox labs, test prep, exam fees and ongoing student support and most suppliers end up being anything but that.  

Learning People have tuned our offering during a decade of sharp-end activity and always provide exactly what is required to support and assist students in achieving certifications and reaching their intended goals within industry.        


In summary, the options for learning online continue to grow in line with increasing market demand.  Unfortunately, the quality, validity and industry relevance of all available options does not necessarily align.

 If you’d like to discuss the best available options for you with a considered and transparent approach, then get in touch with one of our dedicated tech career consultants today. We will deliver free, impartial, industry relevant advice allowing you to can make the best decision possible when considering to advance your career with online training solutions.