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Why wait until January to change your life?

The Christmas songs have started, the advent calendar is in full swing and the turkey is calling – it’s the time of year when people tend to start winding down for the year, but don’t let that stop you from realising your career dreams.

There are lots of reasons to get things moving and commit to your new qualification now, so that come January you’ll already be well on your way to a thriving career.

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Why don’t New Year’s Resolutions work?

There’s nothing wrong with making New Year’s Resolutions, but evidence suggests that it’s not the best idea if you want to actually stick at something. 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February, so if you truly want to commit to something, you’re better off making an informed decision and going with it at the time. Don’t wait until January to kick start your new career, get stuck in now.

It’s easy to slip into that mindset of “oh, I’ll start later”, but there really is no time like the present. We all do it – that awful cycle of making resolutions that means we inevitably fail whatever we say we’re going to commit to. You know what we’re talking about. The promise to eat healthily, the resolution to stop swearing and the pressure to stick to something not because we want to but because we said we would.

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Online training has the potential to really change your life, here are the top reasons you shouldn’t wait until after Christmas to get started…

  1. To put your best foot forward

    A great way to ease yourself in is to get set up with your logins to our training platforms and getting to grips with the layout and style of the training before Christmas. If you don’t have time to start studying or don’t want to until January, that’s okay. But getting set up and ready to go will mean that you can hit the ground running when you are ready to start, whether that be tomorrow or in the New Year.

  2. To make sure you stick to it

    There’s lots of research that backs up the idea that if you decide you’re going to do something and embark on it when you’re ready, rather than taking a ‘fresh start’ approach, it’s more likely to work. January resolutions are useful for more trivial things like trying to get more sleep or drink more water, but when it’s your career at stake it’s better to kick things off when you’re ready rather than waiting.

  3. So you can feel positive over Christmas

    Christmas is a super exciting time, but it’s even more so when you have an impressive career move to look forward to. Whether you’re upskilling and getting ready to bring some new skills to your role, or working towards a career change altogether, there’s nothing more thrilling than having a fresh start ahead of you.

  4. So you can start studying during Christmas downtime

    If you did want to kick things off and start studying over the Christmas period, being enrolled means that you can start learning flexibly whenever it suits you. This isn’t essential but it’s always good to have options. Those few days between Christmas and New Year can leave you twiddling your thumbs, so if you want something to keep your mind occupied by working towards something that will benefit you both personally and professionally, enrolling on a course before Christmas means you can be productive in your downtime.

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To get the ball rolling and start speaking to someone about your career options today, get in touch to learn more. We have a wide range of 
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