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Your career change: the big guide to starting over

So you’ve decided you want a career change but now sure how to go about getting the skills you need to boost your employability.  

We understand that a career change can be scary, but with ten years’ experience, we’re experts in helping students land their dream role. Here’s our guide to help you reach your career goals. 

Step one: Kick start the process

It’s time to stop doing nothing, and be proactive about your career change. It’s great that you are feeling positive as you power towards a new career.  

Channel all of your motivation into figuring out why you really want to move away from your current job and take that leap of faith into a career change.

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Step two: Who are you and what are you really good at?

Young beautiful smiling woman writing notes at home.jpeg 

Write lists, take notes, and get analytical about what you’re good at to nail down those things you love that will keep you ticking long into your new career.

Research all the avenues available to you based on what you know about you, your goals, your strengths.

Ask yourself some of those classic interview questions like ‘where do you see yourself in five years time’ and ‘what would you say are your biggest strengths/weaknesses’ – figuring out life and getting some interview practice in at the same time! 

Step three: Fill the gaps in your knowledge

Launching into a new career can be daunting so make sure you’re well equipped for the task ahead. All those analytics in step two will highlight areas where you can easily make some big improvements to your CV. Online learning could be the very key to your success, especially if you can’t leave your safety net job just yet.

An online training course will fire up your positivity and give you that can do attitude needed for a career change. It’ll also show employers that you’re serious about your new career.

It’s all about finding those gaps in your skills which, when filled, will make your CV stand out to prospective employers.

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Step Four: Connect with people

Multi-ethnic millenial couple flirting while having a drink on rooftop terrasse at sunset-3.jpeg

You’re powering through that checklist, now go get noticed. Networking is the next road on your journey to success, and, even if you hate it, it’s worth doing. 

Our Career Services are exclusive to all students, where the team will coach you into best practices for building your network and approaching the jobs market. 

They’ll also give you all the tools needed to get your CV and LinkedIn profile updated and tailored to your target roles, attend events and reach out to everyone you can think of who might be able to open some doors for you.

Now’s also the time to refresh your interview and application skills, we don’t want make an assumption here but we get the idea that you might be a little rusty in that department; so draft some cover letters and get used to selling yourself again!

Step Five: Believe in yourself

It’s time for you to have some faith and grab that career change by the horns.

You’ve done the planning, listed your best bits and researched the perfect online course to make you king of the jungle in any employer’s eyes.

Get yourself a fresh new suit and walk into your next interview full of confidence. If you still need help, get in touch with our career consultants for a consultation on your career change.