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Learning People’s Accelerated Career Services package

Unrivalled employment support and everything you need to find career success in tech and project management.

Supporting you throughout COVID-19

Updated on:  08 September 2020

You still have time to take advantage of our Accelerated Career Services package 

Global redundancies are at an all time high and the UK’s furlough scheme (officially named the Coronavirus Jobs Retention Scheme) is due to end in October. We want to support those who have been directly affected and who are seeking job security, by extending our Accelerated Career Services package.

This exclusive package makes changing careers into tech simple, there is no experience necessary and definitely no age limit. 

This campaign is designed to fast track you through our bespoke career services program, by offering all the tools to be a stand out candidate.

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Future proof your career

Job security is more uncertain than ever. The tech industry has growing global demand for skilled professionals and is one of the most sustainable career choices.

Specifically designed to support those who have been negatively impacted by COVID19. 

All organisations need tech and digital skills now, not just technology companies…I love what you guys are doing” – Simon Clements, IBM

What is the Accelerated Career Services package?

We’re offering the ultimate career progression experience alongside your online learning. This includes:

  • Part funding of tuition fees to support those looking to change careers or up-skill throughout COVID-19
  • Immediate access to our student-exclusive Career Services
  • Additional 1-2-1 sessions with a Career Services consultant to guide you through each strategic phase of the program
  • Free access to our Soft Skills and Microsoft Office (including Word, PowerPoint and Excel) training – specifically aligned to our Career Services program – valued at £1,295
  • Extended licence period to access even more relevant content

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The Accelerated Career Services package will be available on a selection of our most popular IT, cyber security, project management and software development collections. 

Although this package is widely available to all new enrolments, it was created with those who have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus in mind. The Office of National Statistics has released research showing over 600,000 people in traditional industries have been made redundant in the UK alone. 

Getting hired during COVID-19 with our Career Services

Throughout the pandemic, our Career Services team have been working harder than ever to support our students into secure careers. Their efforts have been met with great success, as the list of student work placements continued to grow. 

Cyber security student, Kyle has secured his dream role with industry giants CGI. Watch his story to find out about how he landed his first IT role during the coronavirus pandemic , thanks to the support of Career Services.

With the Accelerated Career Services package you will immediately have access to unrivalled insight and advice from recruitment industry experts that equip you with all the essential skills and knowledge to navigate the job market. You’ll have personalised 1-2-1 sessions with a member of our Career Services team to ensure you get onto the right track for your career goals.

Complimentary access to our Soft Skills training

Included in the Accelerated Career Services package is our Soft Skills and Microsoft Office (including Word, PowerPoint and Excel) training. These are the important transferable skills that recent research has found to be key to achieving career success. 

The Soft Skills training contains 300+ hours worth of engaging resources, meaning no matter where your skills lie, we can develop your best asset, enhance your skills and ensure you’re well rounded for all future employment. 

By developing both your soft and technical skills together, you are giving yourself a massive employability advantage that you will benefit from throughout your career.

Once you have registered your interest with us, you will receive a complimentary tech careers eBook. This then means you are eligible to have a consultation with one of our expert consultants. Be sure to take advantage of this 1 on 1 time to ask any questions you may have. 

Together we can help close the tech skills gap and help more people enter sustainable careers.