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Am I too old to learn to code?

The thought of learning to code is daunting at any age. But with the right mindset and motivation, anyone can overcome the challenge. 

Far too often, we are asked the question ‘am I too old to learn to code?’ Our answer is always a resounding no. There is nothing more disappointing than someone who has restricted themselves simply because of their age. There is a mass of opportunities in the coding industry – for everyone. 

We’ve put together the top reasons for learning to code and why you should ignore the voice the tells you, you are too old.

Learning People | woman professional smiling in office

Increase diversity

There is a demand for higher diversity within the coding industry. Having skilled professionals from all backgrounds and experience is extremely advantageous to the industry. With the rapid advancements in technology, a more diverse workforce boosts the chances of producing vital solutions to problems and also encourages a wider audience to be reached.

Dave Sobel, Senior Director of MSP Evangelism SolarWinds says:

“I personally believe that diversity is one of the things that makes things really go well. We get lots of great ideas. Age, background, where you’re coming from, it all actually can be valuable if it’s different.”

Bring experience

Your age brings experience. Working in another industry can bring fresh insights to a coding career.

Perhaps you have identified an issue that you could develop an application to solve, or taken on a challenge in a previous role you could relate to coding. Technology thrives on innovation so no experience is wasted in a coding career. 

Protect your mind

Keeping your brain active is good for your health. Taking on a new challenge, like coding, comes with great benefits. Reports have shown that learning a new skill has a positive effect on mental health as well as memory. 

Fresh challenge

If you’re finding your current job has become mundane, learning to code is a great route into an ever-changing career. With a large range of career pathways you can find something fresh to suit your lifestyle and boost your job satisfaction.

Meet demand

Employers are reporting a shortage of skilled workers with many struggling to fill positions with the right candidates.

This demand removes the existence of age bias and you will not experience missing out on a job role to someone younger. It is about having the relevant skill set above anything else. By learning to code, you are acquiring these skills and putting yourself in a strong position. 

Learning People | Mature student reading book on code in park

Online learning

Thanks to modern advancements in learning, there is the option to learn to code to expert level all from the comfort of your own home. Online learning can be done in your own time and at your own pace. This allows you to study alongside a full or part time job if needed to avoid the loss of any income.

Our full stack web developer course will take you from any level of experience to career-ready. Studying at home, it is purely project-based (no exams) and will give you the skills to create a professional portfolio. You are given access to an online forum called Slack where you can chat with other students to share tips, support and more. 

It can also be completed faster than a university degree. Some students have managed it in 6 months. This means you can start your new career sooner and also saves you money in terms of tuition and maintenance fees.

Where should I start?

Begin your journey by researching the industry. It’s important to be well informed so that you can feel more confident with your decision.

Read about others who’ve started coding from scratch and now work in the industry. Slowly immerse yourself with content surrounding code. Read more blogs, watch videos, and check out some articles on what it’s like to learn to code, and work in the industry. 

Avoid comparing yourself to people already in the industry. When we look at a new industry or different job role we see thousands of people already qualified and practised with decades of professional work under their belt. Don’t be intimidated. Everyone started somewhere and with the right course and support you will get to where you need to be. 

You’ve come this far — now don’t fall into the trap of avoidance. If you find yourself putting it off, you’re only holding yourself back. It’s important to take a confident plunge and just get started. You’ll be amazed at the progress you can make in the first few months and you’ll never look back.

Unrivalled career support

Our expert career consultants are available to help you get on the right track. They will go through your experience, answer any questions and recommend the best coding course for you. Use your career consultation call to settle any doubt and allow yourself to get excited about your future career in code.

“From speaking to Lewis and Connie, they helped me to make the decision of pursuing the course with Learning People as I felt I was listened to about what I wanted to achieve from completing the course. 

They offered some great advice and insight of how the course was structured and from this I felt that this was the best option for me from the research I had completed from speaking to other training providers that offer this course.”  – Matthew Richardson, past coding student.

Once you have enrolled, our StudentCare team will offer all the support you need to finish the course. You can request study plans personalised for your schedule and ask any questions at any point of your studies. 

As a student, our dedicated Career Services is on-hand to offer you 3 phases of a dedicated eBooks filled with unique insights into the industry and job market. Our career service consultants will review your CV and offer advice on cover letters as well as helping you with preparing for an interview. 

Our students’ success is at the heart of everything we do and you are supported at every step. Get in contact now and start your career journey.