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Top coding careers: 5 jobs for coders

Looking for a fresh challenge? Explore the career pathways of a professional coder.

As the Bureau of Labour statistics predicts software development employment is set to grow by 21% by 2028, it is the ideal time to enter the industry.

By learning to code in 2021, you’ll immediately benefit from:

  • Global career opportunities
  • Generous salaries
  • Job security
  • A fresh challenge in an exciting new career

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Once you’re a coding professional, you will  also have a wide range of career pathways to choose from. We’ve put together the top 5 career pathways for coders.

1. Web development

Web development career salary opportunities: £55k+

With many organisations being forced to invest more time into their digital transformation, web developers are more important than ever. 

This is most likely to be the area of your first coding role but is also a viable long-term career path. You can work on a freelance basis, in house or even start your own web development business.

In addition to gaining the relevant web development skills, depending on your passions you can decide whether you want to be front-end, back-end or the well-rounded full-stack web developer. You will also most likely be working closely with UX designers and digital marketing professionals. 

2. Games development 

Game development career salary opportunities: £50k+

Have a passion for gaming? You can use this to find career success. It’s a creative and rewarding career with global opportunities. 

You’ll be working within a team to plan, design and build video games. There is plenty of room for career progression into specific areas of your choice.

The industry is set to be worth $256.97 billion by 2025 so it’s the ideal time to start working towards your goals.

3. Data Science 

Data science career salary opportunities: £70k+

Gearing yourself towards a career in data science is guaranteed to bring massive rewards. The salaries are incredibly high and you’ll be a valued member of any organisation.

You’ll be analysing data and providing key insights to support the success of a business. This requires both human intelligence and machine learning. A lot of your time will be spent cleaning and validating data, so that you can then apply models and algorithms to that data.

4. Mobile application development

Mobile application development salary opportunities: £65k+

In this career pathway you will be using your coding skills to design and build applications for mobile devices.

This is a great coding career path for anyone who also has an entrepreneurial spirit about them. In fact you may well already have an app idea and be keen to learn coding skills so you can turn that idea into a reality. 

Once you have the right training under your belt it’s a good idea to build your own mobile application before interviewing for jobs. This will show proactivity and demonstrate that you’re ambitious about a career as a mobile app developer.

5. Quality assurance

Quality assurance salary opportunities: £50k+

Consider yourself to be an inquisitive problem solver? Once you have refined your coding skills, becoming a software quality assurance engineer could be the ideal career pathway for you.

In this role, your main responsibility is to ensure software is adhering to the guidelines of an organisation and legal regulations. You manage development projects and track their progress; ensuring best practice is followed.

Getting started

Once you get in touch, one of our expert career consultants. Here you will receive an in-depth discussion of your current experience and your career goals.

This consultation is a large part of why our students find such incredible success in the tech industry. We only recommend the most relevant online training for your career needs and will help you to understand the importance of your learner journey. 

There is no shortcut to career success, but we will ensure you don’t waste any time on the wrong training. Helping you find employment and job security; faster.

Since my first contact with Learning People they have been nothing but super informative, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. 

They are open and honest the entire way through, never try to hard sell their courses or themselves and if anything, actually give you the confidence you may be lacking to make the best decision for you and take that first step in your professional development whilst guiding you through the entire process.– Vaneeta Bassi via Trustpilot

No experience necessary

The reason we offer coding training geared towards your career goals, is because we know the job market and we know what employers are looking for. 

Learning People are here to demystify the tech industry. This means we share with you all the information you need to change careers, no matter your previous experience. 

Hear from our student Tim who was a head teacher before enrolling onto our Full Stack Development course with no prior experience:

Think you have to be a university graduate to get a job in tech? Think again. Google and IBM have even recently addressed this matter by removing a degree from their employment requirements. The tech industry has something for everyone, all you need is passion and determination. 

See yourself exploring any of the above career pathways? Take the first steps by getting in touch and we’ll get you on the right track.

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