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Which code course is right for you?

If you have a strong interest in other languages, love to solve problems and the thought of working in an interactive and fun coding role inspires you, then you’ll want to check out our coding courses.

Getting qualified with the certifications in this collection gives you the best chance of securing a job in any area of development that interests you the most. Not to mention the fact that certifying yourself and taking the career path of a web developer or web designer can whack your earnings up to over £45k.

Development is one of the hottest and in-demand jobs of the year – and the demand is continuing to increase. There’ll always be a job for you if you can confidently tinker with code.

The Developer Collection

The developer collection has the programming courses you need to enhance your development skills in everything from HTML and CSS to Agile, Python and C#. It can open so many doors for you in the world of code. Certifying yourself in the areas covered in the collection will get you ready for a career in anything from testing and user experience to web, game and software development – even design.

It’s the ideal set of courses to teach you about web apps, software development, testing and programming as a general discipline too.

What’s more, the majority of the certifications provided in this collection are created by the likes of Oracle and Microsoft, and those guys practically wrote the book on development so the future of your skills development is in safe hands.

The course has a practical focus too, it teaches you the most popular programming languages to get your skills up to date with what employers are looking for. What better to get your career on the right track…

Take a look at the individual courses you’ll be able to access within the developer collection:


 Code Institute

Kickstart your coding career with the Code Institute, whether you’re wanting to upskill or learn to code from scratch, the Code Institute delivers world class training. You’ll learn all the essential skills to change your career to coding, required by industry giants, such as PayPal, MasterCard and Accenture. If you’re looking for the full package, and want to study something that will help you become job ready then a code institute course is for you.

The Full Stack Web Developer Course is a university credit rated diploma delivered by Code Institute. It’s an intensive coding course created and validated by tech industry experts, to get you job-ready and help you land your dream role.

You’ll be taught the latest industry languages so that your skills are always up to date. This course is all about maximising your employability and making sure you’ve got the skills to fill the ever-growing code and IT skills gap. You’ll leave with a portfolio to show potential employers and a wealth of experience. You’ll be taught how to host and showcase your projects on Github and other repositories so you can present these to potential employers.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • GitHub
  • Python
  • Django Framework
  • MongoDB
  • JavaScript Data Analytics
  • Version Control
  • Networking & Interview
  • Skill Building
  • Agile 

IIB Council

If you’re looking to become a certified blockchain professional then this course is for you. You’ll get a thorough overview of Blockchain technology and its implementation in the real world. The CBP proves an understanding of Blockchain development, Blockchain implementation and Cryptocurrency mining.

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Considering a career in code? A look at 7 reasons why you should learn to code will help give you the motivation you need to get started. Our career consultants are ready to chat about what course is right for you and your career goals.