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What the hack? Why companies worldwide are still under cyber threat

Cyber hacking; It’s made more headlines than the Kardashians so far this year and is just as intent on breaking the internet. But why are so many companies getting hacked? And what can be done to improve IT security across all businesses?

Buckle up, we’re about to take you on a ride through IT security, cyber threats and why you should try elearning to become a certified cyber security expert…

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High drama, high stakes

From the UK to Russia to Germany to America and back to the UK including our beloved NHS; Cyber criminals are on a roll and their hit list is as high profile as one of Elton John’s Oscar parties.

Let’s take a look at the recent NHS hack where their aging systems were held to ransom – ahem, ransomware – in a literal life or death situation for patients whose treatments were cancelled because of the hack. Enter the real life ‘accidental hero’ aka ethical hacker from Devon who discovered the killswitch for the virus.

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In fact, just under half – 46% – of all UK businesses identified at least one cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months. This rises to two thirds among medium firms and large firms. We bet that’s a lot more common than you thought eh? It’s less of a shock to the businesses who are battling hacks day to day. 

Not only does online CEH training equip you to protect businesses from these viruses, it also give you matrix style knowledge of how to attack the cyber attacker in return. Safely and legally of course. 

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Walk, Talk and Act like a criminal

There are skills gaps and then there are skills canyons. Cyber security falls right into that gaping hole and leaves pretty much every single company in every industry vulnerable to attack.

Unlike the breadth of businesses that need protecting, when it comes to all things cyber, there are two main camps to choose from; The Good Guys and The Bad Guys. Online CEH training means you can toast your marshmallows like a good boy, munching all that fluffy sweetness… whilst thinking like a criminal. Mooohahah, Are you ready to step over to the dark side?

We’ve taken a look at the facts and with cybercrime getting increasingly sophisticated – and common – there are now around three jobs to every certified ethical hacker out there. THREE. So we’d say that by completing an online CEH training course the odds are ever in your favour!

Oh, and it’s just about the best freakin’ job in tech right now too

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Certified ethical hacker: Just like you, but cooler

Taking an online cyber security course is a clear additional skill if you’re an IT professional – or aspiring to be one! But if the more ‘non technical’ folk out there understood better how to protect themselves and their businesses from attack then that’s an additional wall of middle fingers the criminals will need to navigate around. Pah, we’d like to see them try! 

In 2016, 67% of companies spent money on protecting themselves better… enter you. You dazzling knight of the ‘cyber threat destroying’ desk table.

With staff vigilance becoming increasingly essential and security breaches costing businesses cold hard cash, as an ethical hacker you will be in high demand. 

And we can tell you now that this is one demand that is not going to die down for a loooong long time.

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