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4 reasons why a Digital Marketing Institute course advances your career

The 2017 Hudson Tech Nation report revealed that the digital marketing job sector grew twice as fast as any other industry.

That’s great news. Jobs! Jobs everywhere! Lots of jobs for everybody!

1.7 million jobs

That’s how many digital jobs were advertised in the UK over the past two years. However, the same report revealed a worrying trend. There are simply not enough trained individuals in the industry. “There is a global talent crisis” Ian Dodson from the DMI warns.

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The fact that there are so many jobs being advertised highlights just how important digital has become. The more important a certain discipline is to a business, the more important it is for them to hire the right person for the job. Being up to date and aligned to best industry practice with digital marketing courses, is proven to be the best way to prove that you are that person.

We won’t bother finding our own way of putting it as Marketing Land pretty perfectly sums up our thoughts on the matter: “If you’re a marketer who wants to stay competitive, you’ve got to keep your digital marketing skills on the cutting edge.”

That’s where certification becomes a necessity. You are unlikely to be trusted with a brand or a budget unless you’ve got the evidence to prove you’re worth your salt.


Applying for work in the digital sector without a certification is like being a kid looking through the window of a sweet shop. A sweet shop that’s closed. However, get the right qualification to support your application and all of a sudden you own a set of keys to the front door.

Take a look at the 4 reasons why a DMI qualification is perfect for you…

1. They understand the industry and how you fit in

We know. Not everybody looking for a digital marketing job has experience. Some of you reading this will have had years working in more traditional marketing and others have no prior exposure to digital marketing other than as a consumer. Some of you may already working in senior digital positions.

The Digital Marketing Institute understand that. All of their courses are written with different experience levels in mind offering everything from entry level diplomas right through to Masters level accreditations. They also treat digital or digital marketing as an industry its own right, not as a division of traditional marketing.

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To be honest, comparing traditional marketing and digital marketing is kind of like comparing squash and tennis. Both have a racquet and ball, but both have very different skills and rules. You wouldn’t see Andy Murray hiring a squash coach, or if you did, you’d assume he’d gone mad. So in the same way, as a digital marketing professional, you should really only trust digital experts with your own training. It worked for Murray, even if he doesn’t look particularly pleased about it.

84p out of every £1 spent on marketing is channeled towards digital, highlighting the dominance of digital in the 21st century. Any modern marketer and company is prioritising digital skills over traditional.

The Digital Marketing Institute are not a traditional marketing body that have simply incorporated digital into their portfolio. They were set up by digital experts with a brief of filling the global digital skills shortage and have since become the recognised standard. They understand what you need better than any traditional marketing body. Trust us.

“As digital specialists and the global certification body for digital education, we know digital. We know the challenges that organizations and individuals come up against in the face of a constantly changing digital landscape.”

Mr Ian Dodson, Co Founder & Director of the DMI


2. You learn what’s up to date and you learn it from the best

Last year Google made over 10 major changes to its algorithms and Facebook undertook 11 overhauls to its newsfeed, affecting the way marketers use the platform to engage with its 1.7 billion users.

That’s in just one year.

The digital landscape is incredibly fast paced and always evolving. The only way to keep up with the pace is through professional development and continuing to upskill.

Courses in traditional marketing are typically updated every two or three years. Have you ever turned up for an interview for a digital job with knowledge that is three years old? We wouldn’t recommend it.

Instead the DMI update their courses regularly throughout the year, incorporating latest trends and technological developments in accordance with advice from their Industry Advisory Council.

The council is made up of people from the likes of Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, IBM and Vodafone, this guarantees you’ll turn up to the interview fully aligned to best practice.

Add into the mix that all DMI courses are taught by hand picked industry experts, you can have every confidence that will have learned what it takes to be successful in digital from those that know it first hand.

3. Industry recognition

Don’t forget, but learning up to date information however is only as good as the recognition your qualification holds within the industry.

In 2016 the Digital Marketing Institute educated digital marketing professionals of all levels in over 1,000 cities worldwide, across five different continents in over 120 different countries.

They now have more graduates in digital marketing than any other body, and graduates are now working for the likes of Renault, IBM, Google, Unilever and Sony.

Plus, with over 25,000 searches on LinkedIn for Digital Marketing Institute certified individuals. Each month. It’s time to get properly excited about how many recruiters and companies will become aware of your new found digital marketing prowess.

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4. They get you the job

Let’s return to the title of this article for a second and examine the facts about the impact it’s had on those that were once considering taking a course, just like you.

When the Digital Marketing Institute surveyed their alumni in 2016, the results made for impressive reading;

  • 95% of graduates are in full time employment
  • over 80% were promoted post study
  • 92% said they saw immediate career improvement
  • over 75% are earning more money than before the started their course

Even if you’re unsure as to where your career path in digital will take you, don’t worry. There are so many different job opportunities in digital to excite you.

So really, you know you need to take some professional development training, now there’s only one question you actually need to ask yourself at this moment in time: Which Digital Marketing Institute qualification is the right one for you?

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer that for you…