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5 reasons blogging is great for your brand

Does your business have a blog? Are you looking to generate engaging comments and increase website traffic?

The way brands communicate with audiences has never been more crucial. This article explains the 5 reasons why blogging is great for your brand. So if you don’t have a business blog yet, now’s the perfect time to get in the game.

Great content can reconnect brands with their consumers in new and exciting ways, allowing them to transform audiences into advocates, publishers into influencers and problems into solutions. Consistently blogging creates a brand voice, keeps SEO rankings up and keeps visitor numbers healthy.


1) Blogging gives your brand a personality and voice

These days, it seems like everyone has a blog and there’s a good reason for this. When you spend time creating high quality content; producing complete blogs that include your personal or expert input, unique experiences, relatable information, statistics to support your points, guidelines that are thorough and annotated with images – it gives the reader something called ‘highly valuable content’ and Google also ranks content like this higher.

Valuable content is ranked highly not just by search engines, but I know, as a buyer or consumer, I appreciate unique and thought-provoking content, over a blog that simply regurgitates similar content as others, but just reworded slightly different.

Give your brand or business a voice, by writing a blog, by sharing your wins, your growth-pains, how you do business, talk about what you’re good at and much more.

2) Blogging will help you gain more traffic to your website

HubSpot said last year, brands and businesses who prioritised blogging were likely to enjoy 13 times more positive return on investment. They also said B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not. This indicates that blogging can be a low-cost marketing effort, with a high return. Blogging is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to drive traffic, engagement and attention to your business and brand.


3) Blogging can help you convert visitors into buyers

Once you’ve started to drive traffic to your site via blogging, you’ll need to find a way to convert that traffic, to paying customers.

This can be accomplished simply through your blog. Because each page you write for your blog is a fresh page that Google gets to index in search engines. This means every page you write is also a chance to create new leads and help those leads convert into subscribers, sales, or shares through the words on the page. Although blogging and content marketing is a long-term strategy, and you’ll seldom see results on conversions right away, it does work.

Blogs work best for conversions when you create a high-quality CTA – call to action – at the end of every blog post. The CTA should relate to the topic you’ve discussed and insights you’ve shared in the body of your blog. By doing this, you tell your readers exactly what you want them to do and keep them on your website longer, to discover more content.

4) Blogging will help you be seen as an industry thought-leader

Brand authority is one of the most important characteristics of ranking well on search engines and attracting new readers. Page authority is incredibly important and it’s not something you can buy. The only way to create authority on the web is to create content that is sincerely valuable, relatable, and thought-provoking to readers.

Adweek says, that 81% of people conduct nearly all their product or service research before ever speaking to a company or a sales representative. This research is mostly done on the internet, by guessing keywords that these buyers may search for in Google, and then including them in your blogs and SEO features.

When you create and sustain a business blog where you publish highly valuable content, you can be the brand who delivers the answers to questions your prospective customers ask during the research process.

As a consequence, you place your brand as a leader in the industry, as well as helping ensure that when the customer is ready to purchase, they’ll come back to you. 


5) Blogging keeps you up-to-date on industry happenings

Creating content for your brand means you’re keeping up with the times. Gone are the days where you would put a huge sign about your business on poster and stick it up in a community centre. People are consuming content daily and asking questions using Google, over every aspect of their lives.

What’s more, because blogging requires research and checking on what your competitors are doing, it will help you perk up and pay attention to what’s going on in your industry. This may include where new expansions are being made, who’s succeeding, what methods they are using and how you might be able to innovate and much more.

Need I say anymore? Blogs are so useful for brand that want to attract viewers to their website organically. They are cost-effective and so the point is, if you’re not already writing blogs for your business – then you should be doing.

To find out more about how to create, promote and manage amazing content, why not take a look at our digital marketing courses.