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Digital marketing - it’s everywhere

Whether you’re a complete newb with a passion for digital tech, or an experienced marketing exec looking to cement your skills – the Digital Marketing Institute has something for you.

But where can a career in digital marketing take you? The truth is, anywhere.

Digital marketing is an extremely diverse industry and one that covers a wide range of expertise.

It doesn’t matter if you’re technically minded, a creative genius or pride yourself in having an analytical approach – you’ll find an area of digital marketing that will let you shine. 

From writing engaging content – to creating beautiful responsive emails, there are so many different areas to specialise in.

Did I mention the huge earning potential?

Last year, digital salaries rose by 10% across most fields with a notable need for mobile experts, content strategists and expert growth marketers. 

In a salary guide compiled by Hudson – junior digital marketers can expect to earn between £25,000 to £35,000, while an SEO manager can receive between £44,000 to £55,000, and a marketing director in an agency can expect to earn up to £90,000.

Not to mention the travel opportunities and the chance to speak at global events.


Our very own @stevelinney smashin it at #BrightonSEO �� 

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Let’s talk about our training

Our friends at the Digital Marketing Institute have perfected a syllabus that is trusted by industry experts at Google, Microsoft and Facebook. All of our courses include around the clock support from the Digital Marketing Institute and StudentCare™, expert careers advice from our CV detox team and loads of awesome extras like NUS discounts.

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

The professional diploma in digital marketing is a great option for fresh minds wanting an overall understanding of each area of digital marketing. It’s also great for those already in the industry wanting to brush up on their skills. 

The diploma covers everything from search, PPC and email – to analytics, strategy and social media, but if you’d prefer to focus on one area, you might want to check out one of our specialist diplomas.

The course also includes effective digital marketing strategy that small business owners can implement.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

If you’ve already got a few years in the industry under your belt but would like to push your skills even further, then the postgrad is for you. The course is designed to develop on your foundational skills by honing in on four specialisms – strategy and planning, search marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing.

The Masters in Digital Marketing

If you’re an experienced digital marketing wanting to prove your expertise at a senior level, then the masters is a great way of doing so. In the masters you’ll find the most up to date content focussing on search marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, digital strategy and planning, and digital marketing as a whole.

If you want to progress your career to director level or even set up your own digital marketing agency, then the masters could help you get there.

Digital Marketing Executive – Kevin Nave

“I found the Learning People through Brighton SEO and found the team very friendly and positive. I did my research on the Digital Marketing Institute and then decided to sign up.”

“I was able to dip in and out at my leisure and the lecture notes were handy for quick reminders of the lectures before I took the exam.”


Career changer – Iman Shiraz

 “I had amazing support from the learning people, any issues I had were resolved immediately and they responded with out me having to chase anyone up which I really appreciated.”

“I found the training well structured and easy to progress through”

 “At present I work for a leading logistics company, now that I have certified I feel confident expanding my experience with new opportunities and to start looking into more specialised roles within the digital marketing industry.”


Interested in seeing where certification can take you?

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