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How to talk to developers: understand the coding language

Without a doubt one of the most frustrating things about working closely with talented developers is the communication barrier.

Knowing you’re working with skilled individuals but not being sure how to utilise their skills, confusing your SDK with your API,  wondering who Java is and why so many of them seem to love the film Django…

You want to explain your objectives but just can’t find the words.

Bridge the communication gap between you and your software developers with our newly developed course: Coding Fundamentals for Business Professionals… 

The problem:

Non-coders around the world struggle to communicate with their dev team, resulting in poorly executed projects, bad relationships and money down the drain.

Ever tried to communicate your ideas to a dev team and just got a blank look and furrowed brows in return…? Like asking for directions in a foreign country in a language you don’t know. Even if you say the right thing you probably won’t understand the response, let alone how to take their advice.

Because that’s what code is… a language – you don’t need to learn how to code to have effective conversations with your development team, but you do need to get the lingo.

Learning basic tech terminology is the difference between a successful project and one that never even gets to launch. Knowing the coding language and being able to talk like a programmer can give you the calm and positive relationship with your development team you’ve been dreaming of.


The solution:

The great news is you don’t need to actually learn HOW to code in order to have a decent conversation with your dev team. Learning how to talk the talk without having to walk the walk will help you better communicate with coders, bring your ideas to life and enhance your career. 

Say goodbye to the days of being bamboozled by tech speak and start to take charge and discuss your objectives in a way that makes technical sense and drives results.

Learn to talk like a Developer

Get over 30 hours of digestible video course content designed to teach you how to understand the basics of coding: 

  • How to brief coders into a project in a language you’ll both understand
  • How to build and empower great coding teams
  • The key concepts and opportunities of software development
  • Tried and tested programming languages including Java, HTML, CSS, Python, C++ and more
  • UI and UX focused design
  • Core coding competencies: Front End, Back End, frameworks, software development, open source, cloud computing, data management, and APIs

Who’s this course for?

We’ve got to stress it – the Coding Fundamentals for Business Professionals course is not going to teach you how to code or how to become a developer – but it is going to teach you ‘dev speak’ and how to have a damn good and informed conversation about development with those who are carrying out the work.

You’ll learn to take control of the technical elements of coding that affect your role and how work with developers on creating your vision the way that you saw it.

If you’re in any of the roles below, this course would suit you to a tee:

  • Marketing – future-proof your career with communication skills valued highly by your tech team and your boss alike
  • Project management – maximise project success by understanding technical processes and decreasing miscommunication risk
  • Banking and finance – gain knowledge of software development so you’ll be able to better manage your team and budget
  • Web development recruitment – cut through the technical jargon and match the right candidate to the role
  • Entrepreneurial – communicate efficiently with your software agency to get great results from start to finish

Get an excellent grasp of how to talk to developers, proper technical communication, cross-team collaboration, and the language of code. If you can free up your working day by improving communication efficiencies, your KPIs will thank you. Trust us.


get the best out of your development team

What developer wouldn’t love to work with someone who actually understood what they were saying? It’s a no brainer…  Clearer instructions and direction from non-technical colleagues = more efficient software development projects and happier teams.

Developers will love not having their non-technical colleagues rolling their eyes and blaming them for project delays because they don’t understand the issue.