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Set the world alight as a digital marketer

Traditional marketing is dead; digital marketing is the new king.

Newspapers, television, radio, advertising and the like are no longer the bastions of communication they once were. 

The Wall Street Journal recently reported a 4% fall in broadcast television audiences, while streaming – through services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime – increased by a massive 60%.

Consumers demand control over how and when they digest content. They have the power and digital marketing is everything.

Twitter. Facebook, Paypal, Google, Microsoft

We are launching today, at the Learning People, the industry standard digital marketing certifications – developed by the Digital Marketing Institute with a syllabus validated and reviewed by the world’s largest digital corporations – including Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, Google and Microsoft.


It’s time to enrich your career

There are 150,000 digital skills jobs to be filled by 2020 across every industry – can you help fill them?

Does attending photo shoots, exploring social media, writing blog posts and designing and creating emails appeal to you?

As a digital marketer no two days will ever be the same, change and adaptation will come naturally – you’ll become a learner for life.

Our digital marketing training will ignite your career and set you trail blazing through the industry, like Anna Byrne, who went from marketing assistant to head of marketing after completing the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing.

“The course gave me confidence because it was led by marketing practitioners who, along with other students, I bounced ideas off.

“My organisation had greater trust in my abilities and my responsibilities increased at an accelerated rate.”

Accelerate your career and speak to one of our learning consultants today to discuss the right training opportunities for you.