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Which digital marketing course is right for me?

Digital marketing is at the centre of literally every marketing campaign today. It’s the main event.

The digital shift in marketing is probably the biggest and best thing to happen to the industry since, well, being able to print an ad in colour. That’s not us being biased, it’s a fact.

The digital marketing discipline is constantly exciting, yet it’s not constantly the same. What we learnt about it five years ago is vastly different to what we’re learning now. It’s still evolving at an incredibly fast pace. In order for anyone in the industry to keep up or stay ahead, digital marketers need to continue to learn.

That’s where professional development training comes in, enter the Learning People.

Certify yourself with the industry standard

We offer the de facto standard in digital marketing from around the globe, which is used by professionals with a syllabus validated by industry giants by the likes of Facebook, Google, PayPal and Microsoft.

Our courses are built by the Digital Marketing Institute who are complete experts in their field. The courses benefit from validation by an industry advisory council made up of representatives from the likes of Google and Twitter. Completely unique to the DMI, the council validates that the skills and learnings taught in the courses match up to what’s actually required by the industry. This means that the course content is always up to date and relevant. And as they’re all leading digital brands, we’re pretty confident they know their stuff.

Digital marketing is an absolutely booming career choice, with employment projected to rise 7% by 2024, now’s as good a time as any to learn the vital skills required to pave your way in the digital world. 

But how do you know which digital marketing course is right for you? Whether you’re a complete digital marketing newbie, have some experience and want to deepen your knowledge, or you’re almost at the top of your game and just want to cement what you know, we have a digital marketing course that’s right for you.


For the digital marketing newbies

‘I know I’m interested in digital marketing, so what’s the next step?’

Digital marketing is a hugely vast subject with many different disciplines under its umbrella. So how do you learn the skills? How do you even know what you need to know?

The good news is, the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is perfect for teaching you the basics and building up your knowledge of all things digital marketing. From mobile and social media marketing to email, PPC and SEO, the course offers an overview of practically everything. This allows you to gain a fundamental understanding to build on the areas that interests you the most.

Whilst the professional diploma has no prerequisites and is indeed perfect for those with absolutely no experience, those of you who already work in digital marketing and have some level of knowledge will also benefit massively from the certification. Not only will it make you a more well rounded digital marketer, it gives you recognition of exactly what you can do, the opportunity to prove yourself and what you know. Plus, what’s more, is it’ll increase your employability and your earning potential.

“Shortly after completing the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing I was offered a position at Twitter, as a Marketing Operations Specialist, where my digital marketing skills are put to use on a daily basis.”
Davin Kelly


Who’s the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing for?

  • Marketing executives, managers, senior management

  • IT managers

  • Business owners

  • People who are responsible for developing and/or implementing a digital marketing strategy for an organisation

  • People who are looking to pursue a career in digital marketing


If you’re looking for something to get you up to speed in the world of digital, to help you take the career change leap and break into the job market, or to validate your current digital skills, the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing couldn’t be more up your street.

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for the digital marketers with experience

Perhaps you’ve been working in the industry, learning on the job, or you’re a professional in a slightly different arena looking to learn or strengthen your understanding of digital disciplines. If any of those are relatable, the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing is perfect for you.

The post grad course lets you dive into digital specialisms aplenty from communications and consumer processes, social media marketing to search marketing. If you’re looking for an online marketing course to strengthen your existing knowledge and stand out from the crowd to help advance your career, then you’ve found it.

“Since completing the post Grad course, I now have much more confidence in developing social media and on line presence for events for my clients in the non profit sector. I have better knowledge of the digital landscape and the latest tools and techniques.”
Jill Gibson


Who’s the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing for?

  • Digital marketers – to validate or update their skills and get to the top of their game

  • Marketing professionals – to add online to the marketing mix and get the most out of your digital marketing channels

  • Graduates of other disciplines – to retrain or upskill in an industry that is in need of qualified candidates
  • Sales professionals – to learn how to successfully utilise digital marketing for lead generation

  • Sole traders and small business owners – to find out what online marketing channels would work for your business and how to implement your digital marketing strategy
  • CEOs of large companies – to make informed strategic decisions

Take a deep sea dive into the digital marketing specialisms with the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing. You’ll prove your worth in the industry and potential employers will be biting your arm off trying to get a piece of your skills.

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for the digital marketers at the top of their game

The creme de le creme of digital marketing courses, the Masters teaches you more about the practice of digital marketing than Zuckerberg could shake a stick at.

Designed specifically for those of you who’ve had vast experience in the digital marketing arena; you’ll already understand the full picture of digital marketing and have your niche skills nailed. This course is for you if you want to really hone your skills and establish yourself as a digital specialist, leader and influencer. 

By developing critical specialist knowledge through a written thesis, you’ll increase how in demand you are to employers and be able to take on any digital marketing challenge that comes your way.

“After finishing my Masters, I took up a new role with Google! I now work as an industry manager, and I’m putting my digital skillset to good use, as well as completing an MBA.”
Anna Moldovan


Who’s the Masters in Digital Marketing for?

  • Experienced marketing and business professionals

  • Digital marketers wanting to validate their expertise at a senior level

  • Digital marketers wanting to establish themselves as an authority in the digital field

If you’re looking for online marketing courses you can guarantee will help you reach your career pinacle and make your demand soar, then the Masters in Digital Marketing is the one for you.

It doesn’t stop there

At any stage of your career, you may think about  delving deeper into one particular digital discipline, you may have already done the diploma, but perhaps you’ve always been a dab hand at copywriting and SEO but you think learning more about PPC could make your strategies more streamlined with other areas of the team. Well guess what? You can.

We offer shorter, niche courses  that are perfect for full-time workers and busy bodies. Harness your skills in one area to turn yourself into a digital marketing pro. Focussing your knowledge and finding your niche digital marketing discipline can dramatically increase your value to employers and in turn, your earning potential.

When asked what advice he would give young people thinking about a career in marketing, Ian Dodson, founder of the DMI said:

“Specialise. Digital marketing currently has between 10 and 15 acknowledged channels on which you can build a career… When starting off, pick one area and be the best at it. Learn everything you can about the subject and put it into practice.”

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Take Ian’s advice and have a look at some of the short courses you can take. All of the following are created by the DMI, of course:

  1. Search marketing

  2. Digital strategy and planning

  3. Social media marketing

  4. Digital selling

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why get certified?

Why certified yt cover

As Marketing Land so perfectly put it “If you’re a marketer who wants to stay competitive, you’ve got to keep your digital marketing skills on the cutting edge.” Certification is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity to prove your knowledge and understanding of the digital marketing discipline, but also to project your commitment and drive to stay ahead of the curve. 

What’s more, professionals with a certification earn, on average, 20% more than people who have no qualified training. Call our career consultants who offer a free, impartial chat to talk through the best path to take in order to start your digital marketing career journey.

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