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Why you should see the digital skills gap as an opportunity

It’s our personal and professional responsibility to grow and learn through our career. We owe it to ourselves to live our best lives and enrich it wherever possible.

So, why are many marketers still playing catch up and what can than they do to change that? A study from the Digital Marketing Institute found that small businesses have notably weaker digital marketing skills than their larger competitors. 25% lower, to be precise.

In addition to that:

  • 83% of marketers failed to achieve entry level competency in digital marketing
  • 89% of business leaders don’t believe graduates possess the expertise needed to enter the workforce

That accounts for a lot of people working in marketing who don’t have the skills required for the industry. To further emphasise the point, Computer Weekly predicted that 750,000 digital jobs will be needed in the UK. This is a massive gap in skills that needs to be filled. 

We like to look at this as an opportunity. An opportunity for those ready to take on the digital marketing industry by storm. A career in digital marketing can be financially rewarding. Starting out at £20k for entry level positions, before moving up to £40k+ for managers and ending with marketing directors breaking the £100k ceiling. 

In addition to the money, digital marketing offers a varied career where you can be working on a YouTube video one day and an app the next. Personal achievement and growth within an exciting, ever-growing industry are big tick boxes you can mark off. 

How can you take advantage of the growing digital marketing skills gap? Seize the many opportunities it brings.

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The opportunity to join a thriving industry

By joining the digital marketing industry, you’ll be walking through the doors to an ever-growing, genuinely interesting and dynamic career. There is an abundance of career options within this field. From broad roles like digital marketing executives to more specialised roles such as pay-per-click specialists, the possibilities are truly endless. Not only are the roles limitless, but the industries in which you can join are equally as varied. From your favourite world-wide retail store to a marketing agency, you’ll be able to apply your digital marketing knowledge to support an industry you’re passionate about.

The digital marketing sector is growing at such a rate, that there are currently more job openings than qualified professionals. This opens a perfect opportunity to kick-start your career by getting qualified with an industry recognised certification and become an in-demand digital marketing professional.

The opportunity to update your skillset

Perhaps you already work in the digital industry and you’re searching for the perfect training solution to guide you through your role or to a new one. Due to the numerous specialist roles, you’re able to upskill your current digital marketing knowledge to become an expert in a particular part of that sector. A previous student of ours, Luke, did exactly that. He completed our DMI Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing to supplement his role and found a love for search marketing.

Copy of Youtube cover (2)-2

Specialising enables you to become a highly sought-after professional, giving you options of whether you’d like to stay in your current role with your new knowledge or look for something more in-line with your new skillset. It also gives you the chance to seek out new passions and meet other like-minded professionals along the way.

The opportunity to learn something brand new

Learning something new has some incredible benefits that will positively affect you in your personal and professional life. By learning something new, you’ll be growing your personal discipline and this will be noticeably reflected in your work life, as it makes you more productive and focused on your daily tasks.

Learning a new skill will also teach you the value of investing in yourself and exploring what makes you truly happy. We spend so much of our lives at work, we owe it to ourselves to make sure we’re walking into a job we love and can thrive in. Hating your job can have some seriously negative implications that can affect you personally, so learning something new will help you progress into a career that will see you smiling.

Are you ready to take the first step to taking advantage of the digital skills gap? Our career consultants are here for you whenever you need them for a free, impartial chat.