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7 IT skills that are trending right now

If you want to beat the competition and bag yourself one of the top IT jobs out there, then you’ve absolutely got to stay on top of your knowledge game.

Thanks to constant advances in technology, and a need to adapt to an ever changing world, IT jobs are always evolving, and so is the skillset needed to reach the top.

To earn the big bucks in IT, then you need the ideal combination of skills that are in demand, right now. Which as you may well know, won’t be the same as what’s in demand next month, or next year.

It’s time to polish up on your IT knowledge and make sure you’ve got the holy grail of this year’s most sought after IT skills. Nail the following talents by taking some online IT courses and you will be in with the best shot of advancing your career and getting your dream IT job.

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1. Cyber security

Closeup of young male theift in sweatshirt with hood transfering money from bills of stolen creding cards.jpeg

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll probably be aware of the number of cyber attacks the world is being hit with all the time. You’ll remember the NHS recently got stung with a major global cyber security hack. So, it’s safe to say cyber security is at the forefront of people’s minds.

And no, it’s not just the NHS and multinational companies like Talk Talk or Yahoo that are at risk, those pesky cyber thieves are after any info they can get, whether it’s from a small business or even an individual.

You never know, there could be someone else out there called Brad pretending to be you, and hacking all sorts of private data… which is a rather terrifying concept. It’s no wonder businesses are totally cyber insecure these days.

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Cyber security is not by example a simple concept… so you’re gonna need to do some serious studying and get some ‘on the job’ experience. But it will be worth the effort, because this is a job that pays incredibly well, and it offers thousands of opportunities worldwide. Sign up to one of our online cyber security courses and learn how to become a certified ethical hacker. E.g. one of the good guys.

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2. Full stack web development

Say what now? Once you’ve got past the overly complicated name, you’ll discover that it’s basically just a web developer who is an all rounder and familiar with both back end and front end technologies.

These days employers are picky, they see hiring someone with the full range of skills, rather than just having expertise in one core area as a far better investment. Why have a Fiat Punto when you can get your hands on a fresh new Mercedes-Benz, with all the gadgets, eh?

If you want to deepen your web development skills and become a pro coder that businesses want to hire, check out our range of online web design courses, specifically, our full stack web development course.

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3. Networking

With an average salary of £45,000, a career in networking is more than appealing. Plus, networking is set to continue to grow in demand, it’s predicted that there will be 50,000 networking jobs created in the UK by 2018. 

Functionality and skills within the networking side of IT are changing all the time, there’s always a new bug to fix or tweak to infrastructure to be had. So it’s well worth your while staying on top of it all by gaining an industry recognised certification such as the ones in our networking courses.

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4. Tech support

Computer engineer working on broken console in his office.jpeg

Computer says no. Quite a common situation. Why? Because as we all know, technology, despite being super advanced, doesn’t always do what we want it to. No matter how outta this world tech systems become, there will always be a need for tech support experts.

The people you call when your IT systems go down and you feel like if they don’t get fixed the world’s going to end. Sure, there’s entry level positions, but you can also work your way through the tech support ranks, and it’s a skill all multi talented IT whizzes should possess. Take a look at our online sysadmin courses to brush up on your tech support skills.

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5. Big Data

Big data, sounds a touch dramatic doesn’t it? Well, considering the vast amount of data that’s processed and dealt with on a daily basis, perhaps it isn’t dramatic at all. Someone has to make sense of all the enormous data sets and manage it in a logical way. Otherwise Sarah the office manager will continue to throw data related hissy fits on a daily basis, crying out ‘where’s a big data analyst when you need one?!’… 

Businesses want information from a variety of sources collated and organised into a nice, neat, easily digestible package. Enter big data heroes. Sound right up your street? Then boost your IT skillset and sign up to one of our online big data courses.

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6. Cloud

All hail the Cloud, that imaginary place which stores all your weighty data, so that you can use it anywhere, anytime. Most things use the Cloud these days, and pretty much everything will in a few short years.

All the big boys are investing Cloud based technology, including industry giants like Amazon and Google, so you can bet your bottom dollar that all the medium and small businesses will follow suit too. Which means preparing to say hello zillions of Cloud based IT jobs in this year and beyond. Want to Geek up on Cloud computing and fill one of the opening positions? Learn the skills on one of our online Cloud computing courses.

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7. IT project management

Unposed group of creative business people in an open concept office brainstorming their next project.-4.jpeg

The person that everybody can lean on, the patron saint of IT departments, a.k.a the IT project manager. How can anyone imagine a future without them? If you want to succeed as an IT extraordinaire, you’ll benefit hugely from gaining some decent project management skills. 

If you’ve already got the other top in demand skills then chances are you’re looking to head up a team? Get some solid IT project management skills and you’ll be well on your way to earning the pay packet of kings. 

Did you know that the salary of one of these guys can easily go into six figures… Read more about our globally recognised elearning qualifications in project management like the PMP certification.

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