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Practice Labs | Learn practical IT skills alongside your training

We’ve partnered with Practice Labs to deliver an unrivalled and fully immersive learning experience.

With many people not being able to take the time out of the current role to participate is classroom training, and not having the budget for this more expensive route, online and self-paced learning is the future. But, just how has online learning become the ideal modern alternative to classroom based learning?

Benefits of online learning

  • Cost-effective
  • In line with industry demands
  • Regularly updated content
  • Easily accessible

A common misconception with online learning is that you can’t develop the practical, in-situ experience you can from classroom or on the job training. Enter Practice Labs.

We offer Practice Labs alongside our IT certification training to ensure you build a well-rounded technical and practical skill set.

What are Practice Labs?

Accessible anytime and anywhere with any smart device and internet connection, the Practice Labs offer you the opportunity to put their training into practice through a real but low risk environment.

Acting as a sandbox environment, you are able to learn different modules through a hands on approach. The Labs are not a simulation. They are linked to a real piece of kit that can be broken, fixed, experimented with, altered, and, when you’re ready, started again. 

With step by step instructions you can take on a range of practical tasks with a focus on specific exam objectives and real life professional scenarios.

The changes you make are not just limited to one single device; the Labs give you access to a full network, so you’ll be able to see the effect and repercussions of any changes you make on the server for example, across the rest of the workstation and not just limited to the server.

Practice makes perfect

Practice Labs gives you the opportunity to practice an IT task until you get it right. You can use your licence period to go over areas you struggle with repeatedly. Having time to work on your weaknesses and learn at your own pace is luxury you wouldn’t have when learning on the job. 

Stand out to employers

Practice Labs means you gain only the most relevant practical experience that you can apply to real world scenarios in future job roles.  Potential employers place these skills in high value and will ensure you stand out against other candidates. 

Gain more confidence

They ensure you can approach the job market with confidence. You’ll have a strong understanding of what to expect from an IT role and you’ll know how to navigate a network. This means you’ll be able to enter a new role with conviction and heightened proficiency.

Practice Labs demonstration

Watch the video to have an exclusive look into how Practice Labs works and the options available to you.

Hear from a student

“I signed up for Learning People’s Cyber Security course a little over a year ago and have been happy with the learning material available which include video learning plus the labs platform which itself is of great benefit. You get to learn from the theoretical then the hands on practice via the labs.” – Colin Wolfenden 

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If you’re interested in finding out more about our IT online training and Practice Labs, please do get in touch and one of our expert career consultants will answer all your questions.