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How to start your career in IT support

Global spending on IT services and support is expected to amount to 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide in 2021, up 9.8 percent from the previous year. The IT market is big business. 

There has never been a better time to consider a career in IT, but how do you start your career in this exciting sector? Find out as we explain how to take your first steps into IT support. 

Learning People | IT support professional helping employee at desk

What is IT support?

IT support is about maintaining and improving a company’s computer systems and networks. As well as supporting systems, IT support specialists help colleagues to overcome any technical problems with software or hardware.

Companies rely heavily on their computer systems, and each individual’s ability to get their work done depends on their computer working well. IT support is a vital department, without which businesses simply could not function.

Effective IT support is about making a company more efficient and profitable by optimising the way that company uses technology. It is also about keeping computer systems secure and protecting against the threat of cyber crime.

Some companies have in-house IT support teams. Other companies outsource their IT support to an external company or consultant. 

Benefits of a career in IT support 

Could a career in IT support be right for you? Learn about five benefits of many of a career in IT support. 

1. Satisfying

IT support is all about improving how computer systems work, and every day will present you with a new puzzle to solve. 

Your problem solving will improve the way your company uses technology. You will see tangible results of your work. Better computer systems will allow your colleagues to deliver better results. 

Seeing your hard work come to fruition and solving issues in this way will make your work feel satisfying. IT support allows you to have a positive impact on every aspect of a business. 

2. Challenging

If you like to be kept on your toes, IT support is a dynamic career to consider. You’ll be asked to solve technological problems, and as the tech you work with evolves – which it will, all the time – you’ll need to grow with it.

One thing’s for sure: if you choose a career in IT support, boredom will never be an issue. IT support offers constant stimulation and brain teasers to keep your mind agile. 

3. Creative

An unexpected benefit working in IT is the chance to flex your creative muscles. Problem solving is about more than technical skills. To solve the most challenging puzzles, you’ll need to think out of the box and get creative. 

A career in IT will keep you constantly innovating. Occasionally, you may feel defeated by particularly complex problems. But when you eventually solve them, you’ll bask in the satisfaction. 

4. Secure employment

With technology playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of business, IT sector workers are highly sought after. In the UK, more than 150,000 new IT career starters are needed each year to meet demands. And as the industry grows, this figure is set to increase.

What does this mean for you as you consider a career in IT? Put simply: a high chance of employment. The huge demand for IT workers means that those with IT skills and qualifications are highly likely to find work quickly and never be out of work for long. 

5. On the right track

Are money worries causing you to lose sleep? Careers in IT support are the first rung on the ladder into a lucrative career. Salaries start at around £20,000-£25,000, but it’s the experience that brings real value. You can use the experience you gain from this role as a springboard into an IT specialist position.

For example, the average salary in sysadmin, a key type of IT support, is £50,000. And if you become a systems engineering manager, you could earn an average salary of £80,000. 

IT support career paths

Do the benefits of working in IT appeal? Let’s explore the different career pathways available to help you start planning your career move. Here are some of the roles you could specialise in after gaining experience in IT support:

Learning People | IT support technician smiling

Which certifications do employers look for?

If you’re looking to launch your career in IT support, an industry recognised qualification will help ensure that your CV stands out to employers. 

We offer a tailored collection of IT courses to help you kickstart your IT career. Here are three of the courses in our sysadmin collection that will catch employers attention and help you land your first role:

CompTIA A+

If you’re keen to gain an entry level IT role, the CompTIA A+ course is a great place to start. This course is certified by CompTIA, the leading global IT trade association, giving those who earn it an industry-recognised seal of approval.

Over 1 million IT professionals worldwide have earned their CompTIA A+. It has become established as an essential course for IT industry career starters. The course teaches you the skills needed to install, configure, upgrade and maintain PC workstations, the Windows OS and SOHO networks.

CompTIA Network+

The CompTIA Network+ course is ideal for budding sysadmins and network administrators. It will teach you the skills needed to manage, configure and troubleshoot systems.

CompTIA Server+

Are you keen to become a systems analyst? Then you’ll need an in-depth knowledge of how servers work. The CompTIA Server+ will give you a solid grounding in all things server related, both software and hardware. 

How Learning People can help you start your career

Not sure which course is right for you? Our expert careers consultants can help guide you. We offer career consultation calls to anyone interested in our courses. 

On your career consultation call, we’ll help discuss your career aims and existing skills, and build you a tailored training package to help you achieve career success.

But the support doesn’t end there. If you choose to study with us, you’ll have access to our unique careers service. Unlike other training providers, we have a specialist careers team on hand to help you improve your CV, polish your LinkedIn and gain important networking skills.

With our training and support, you can boost your career prospects and set yourself up for a rewarding career in IT. Get in touch today to take the first step towards career success.