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Is a university degree enough to become career ready?

As industry giants Google, Apple and IBM stop looking for candidates with university degrees, we consider why the tech world is turning towards online learning.

Online learning not only focuses on the key in-demand skills needed for a job role, but it also ensures that you are career-ready quicker and allows for more flexibility than classroom based training.

It’s important that you consider which route of education is going to give you the best start, and university isn’t always going to be the correct answer for everyone.

Why should you consider online learning?

In this technology-centric age, the world requires further enhanced digital skill sets that classroom based training simply can’t currently facilitate. 

Online learning is…

  • Flexible
  • Regularly updated
  • Relevant
  • Cost-effective

Why are employers turning away from degrees?

In tech, employers need a candidate who can showcase their practical ability to perform in a role. University syllabuses haven’t quite been hitting the mark by focusing heavily on theory rather than practical skills, or by simply not teaching the most up-to-date methodologies.

Online learning is always designed for the industry, by the industry. The syllabus is written specifically to teach you the soft and hard skills employers are looking for.

With our online training courses, you learn within state-of-the-art Practice Labs to deliver an unrivalled immersive experience. This is a sandbox environment, which means you gain hours of hands-on experience before starting your first role.

Is university right for you?

Before applying to university, it’s important to ask yourself: will I be able to go straight to work and deliver the job in hand? Regrettably, many academic qualifications still require a number of years of ‘on the job’ training and up-skilling to become truly proficient in executing the work.

Possibly the largest difference when comparing university education to that of online learning is cost. With typical debts of a university education in England averaging over £40,000, and a typical online learning certification package averaging between £2,000 and £5,000, the return on investment is clear to see.

The self-directed nature of online learning also means that engagement is increased, allowing information to be effectively absorbed and retained at a higher level. Online learning is available to you 24 hours a day, no matter your lifestyle. Online learning is there whenever you are ready to use it.

How do you get started?

Our expert career consultants are on-hand to help you find the best online learning for you, based on your experience and your career goals. It is a personal experience and we want to make sure you are making an informed decision.

You are fully supported with your future career in mind. Our award-winning StudentCareTM provides any support you need to keep you motivated during your studies.

Our Career Services make sure you have all the skills you need to stand out to future employers. The team will examine you CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to ensure they are optimised to your benefit. Nothing stops our team from helping students into their dream roles.

Hear from a student

Matt had just finished his A-levels and decided against the traditional route of college or university. Instead, he’s found online learning means his time is more flexible for studying, working part-time, volunteering, and passing his driving test.

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