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IT jobs are on the rise

The highs and lows of any job hunt can be tough, which is why staying motivated is key.

With different job hunting statistics being released each month, maintaining a positive attitude not only prevents you from being overwhelmed, but it also enables you to see past any negative experiences and look towards the next opportunity with an eagerness recruiters are always looking for in candidates. 

Often in practise facts and figures based on unemployment reports, aren’t always entirely accurate, and there are more opportunities available than you might have been led to believe. 

With a focus on the IT industry, leading online job board CV-Library take a look at some stats that indicate that the jobs market in this sector isn’t as bleak as you may think.

Job numbers are good

As the UK economy picks up, the argument that “there are no jobs out there” isn’t really standing these days. 

In fact, independent classified ads website Adzuna saw the number of advertised jobs in the UK grew by 13.5% throughout 2013.

For IT job seekers, the news gets better as IT was among the top five industries according to advertised job numbers on CV-Library in 2013.

The competition is not as bad as you think

Competition is a necessary evil of the job hunt, but the outlook isn’t as bad as you think. 

In fact, IT is bucking the trend when it comes to competition from other applicants. 

With the national average for general job applications currently sitting at 23 per vacancy, IT jobs on CV-Library receive an average of eight applications per listing. 

When you weigh this up with strong job numbers and great chances of progressing in a job, the application process looks good. 

Of course, you need to be suitably qualified and experienced with the right certifications.

You’re part of the positive broader picture

As of January 2014, UK unemployment is standing at 7.1% – the lowest it’s been since 2009 – the Office for National Statistics showed. 

Looking at the broader picture, this means that more people are getting employed as more jobs are created.

Bring yourself into this picture and you’ll realise that more job opportunities are being created each day throughout the UK.