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Train to be a web developer

The internet has changed business for good, with websites becoming the shop window for many.

Web development is a hot skillset to have right now, which will guarantee you a very interesting career path.

What is a web developer?

A web developer is the person who plans and programs the functionality and interactivity of a website.

Working with varying programming languages, including HTML, JavaScript, XML, C++, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, CGI, C#, and Java, a developer will implement site elements, ensuring they are working correctly.

The primary concern of a developer is the ‘back end’ of the site, so they focus on the functional infrastructure rather than with the design and look of the website.

However, developers usually work closely with web designers to create a good front end user experience, which includes clear navigational features and any relevant tools required.

A team of product managers, content managers, and user experience designers surround a web developer, to enable them to maintain the technical aspects of their role, but also to assume creativity and managerial control when necessary.

What training would I need?

A good start to becoming a web developer is having a strong interest in computers, even if you haven’t ever programmed anything before.

Patience, inquisitiveness, and a methodical approach are also crucial personality traits of a web developer because you’ll often be working through a system of trial and error.

You’ll also frequently be working with people who are not computer savvy, be that a client or even colleague, so the ability to explain technical issues to a non technical audience is essential – this skill isn’t something you can necessarily be trained in, but must come naturally.

Professional certifications are an effective way for a developer to distinguish themselves in the job market, and to stay ahead of the latest technologies.

Continuous formal training is a key requirement in a web developer’s job description due to the rapid advance in web technologies.

What’s the likelihood of getting hired?

Use of mobile web and tablet computing is on a speedy rise; the ability to ensure content works on these new platforms is an in-demand skillset, and one that should ensure a healthy career and a high element of job security.

Career opportunities exist in various places including media outlets, graphic or web design firms, digital advertising companies, online gaming businesses, mobile apps and within an in house marketing/design team.

What are the salary expectations?

There any many doors open to a web developer – you could end up working for a large company, a smaller specialist consultancy, or even go freelance, so the salary will vary based on who you’re working for, the experience you have under your belt, and how certified you are.

The current average salary for a junior web developer is £25,000, and the average wage for a more experienced web developer can be as high as £40,000 per year; this rises to £55,000 when you begin to lead teams on projects.

A career as a web developer is certainly a lucrative choice, and if an individual develops specialised skills in niche areas, they can start to command a premium salary.

These high value specialisations include:

  • eCommerce
  • Interface experience
  • User experience
  • Database architecture
  • Security
  • Content
  • Product development

Is web development the career for you?