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Which IT course is right for you?

If you’re just thinking about a career in tech this is probably the most inspiring time for you. So, where do you start? How do you know what technologies you need to learn to land your first job?

There’s a ton of choices in front of you, that’s why we’re here to map out some of your options, so you can start to shape your own learning, get practical experience and pave your way into the IT career you’re best suited to.

First off, let’s talk terminology

When you’re looking at which IT courses you should take, it’s important to know what it is you’re purchasing and that you assess the value of the offering. We offer individual courses, and also course collections, which offer far more value to our students as you’ll get access to course material for a number of individual courses – sometimes as many as 13 – at a competitive price.

What’s great about each of our course collections, is that they aren’t just there to teach you the basics. They’ve been specifically put together to gear you towards a career in a certain area within the IT industry, so you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re learning the exact skills with the right certifications required to get to where you need to be.

The collections each contain courses, certifications and hundreds of online books to nurture your learning, giving you more and more experience you can apply to your career, the further through the collection you get.

Top tip: the more certifications you tick off in the collection and the higher the level of certifications you achieve, the further you’ll get in the industry.

We’ve shared the world class IT training courses we have to offer from the best global providers.

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Are you network obsessed?

If you’ve got a keen interest in how systems are interconnected, how data moves, the route it takes and the hardware that makes it all happen, it sounds like you’re a pretty decent candidate for a career in networking.

If your aim is to get a career in networking, then gaining a certification is essential to drive that career of yours forward. Especially if you’re interested in working with certain technologies like CISCO.

Cue certifications to teach you the basics and nurture you into a legend in the networking arena.


The networking collection

Teaching you specialist networking skills, the collection gives you nothing less than course material from the most highly recognised and widely used vendors; CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco and Juniper.

It covers all of the latest and emerging networking technologies, the most popular networking topics plus legacy networking platforms. It’s pretty much a perfect all rounder if you want to start your career in IT and develop into a network specialist. 


“86% of hiring managers say IT certifications are a high priority during the candidate evaluation process”

CompTIA, Employer Perceptions of IT Training and Certification

Take a look at the individual courses you’ll be able to access in the networking collection:

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Big into data?

If you’re the type of person who loves the facts behind the numbers and the who what why how of data science, then a career in big data could be your calling.

Being a sucker for uncovering trends and patterns plants you firmly in the bracket of someone who would succeed in this kind of role. And not only is it an exciting and diverse career meaning you’ll never be bored, demand for database experts isn’t about to dwindle anytime soon, in fact big data is bigger than ever.

Well trained, highly skilled database professionals who can manage critical systems are in high demand. Every project in IT uses some form of data therefore some form of database. You’re onto a winner with this career.


To enhance your profile as a database specialist, you need to look at proper certifications from the likes of Oracle.

The big data collection 

Teaching you specialist database skills, the big data collection provides qualifications from two of the big dogs in data; Microsoft and Oracle.

Obviously the importance for organisations to properly store and organise is on the rise, which is why it’s looking as though there’ll be a 15% increase in job availability in for database professionals by 2020.

Any job from data analyst to database administrator is in your sights if you can crack these certifications. Take a look at the individual courses you’ll be able to access in the big data collection:

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 ‘Solution’ is your middle name

For those of you who are keen to start a career in something more varied, where no day is the same as the last, then you’re the perfect candidate for a sysadmin role. Like the sound of tinkering with systems, troubleshooting, finding and solving problems for people on a large scale?

If you’re the personable type and get a kick out of fixing things on your own PC, then chances are you’ll love being responsible for building and maintaining computer systems for an organisation as a sysadmin.


Even if you hold a computer science degree, getting certified with online courses from Red Hat, Microsoft and Linux, is essential. You should be continually striving to learn new skills in popular environments and be familiar with the development of technologies used in businesses’ computer systems.

Sysadmin courses can really help you understand a breadth of different technologies and systems so if you like, you can use the experience as a stepping stone into different job areas such as web design, software or app development.

Many IT professionals start off as a sysadmin and find their niche later on. The more you work with, tinker and fix systems early on, the better your core IT skills will be in order to progress.

The sysadmin collection

The sysadmin collection we offer is a brilliant and jam packed course to send you whizzing towards a solid career in tech. Never underestimate the power of sysadmin.

Get qualified with some of the top certs in the industry from the likes of CompTIA and Microsoft. Learn how to manage systems in and get to grips with everything that affects their smooth running. Plus, you’ll learn about all sorts of extras from cloud and security to mobility, infrastructure and more.

Take a look at the individual courses you’ll be able to access in the sysadmin collection: 

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Got your head in the clouds?

Are you the type of person who likes an experiment? Perhaps a lover of puzzles? Do you enjoy trying out how different things fit together to create something awesome? A career in cloud computing could be the one for you.

Cloud computing is one of those buzz topics in IT that isn’t going anywhere. There are hundreds of cloud based services, the most popular provided by Amazon, Google and Microsoft. You’re bound to have used at least one of them. You’ve probably got an iPhone right? Then you’ll likely know that the iPhone uses iCloud to help you backup all phones content.

Cloud services are gaining traction and businesses are increasingly starting to use the cloud to rent and store the programs they use, rather than owning their own server and having to worry about it falling over. Part of your job would be managing the private cloud at that company and ensuring it runs smoothly. The praise you’ll get for doing a good job at this will be reward enough we’re sure, and the salary isn’t bad either.

The fact that data is being generated at a rapid rate, as well as all the advances we’ve seen in the past few years in virtualisation makes the option of getting certified in cloud based services an extremely attractive prospect.

The cloud collection

What you’ll get from the cloud collection is a whole load of certifications from the guys who know their stuff. Microsoft, Amazon and CompTIA all run some of the best cloud based solutions on the market, and they want to teach you exactly how to get the most out of their offering and how to deploy and maintain your own private cloud.

You’ll have employers begging you to join their company if you can help them configure and maintain one of their main money saving technologies.

“Certification, training and experience are three of the top four most important characteristics when selecting a candidate for a cloud related position”

IDC/Microsoft, Climate Change: Cloud’s Impact on IT Organisations and Staffing

Take a look at the individual courses you’ll be able to access in the cloud collection:

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What’s online training without a way to practice?

We offer practice labs for you to have a play and use what you’ve learnt in a realistic, virtual environment. Let’s face it, you didn’t learn to ride a bike simply by watching your Dad cycle down the road did you?

Why getting certified with us is so powerful for you career

The majority of IT jobs out there require you to have certifications to prove you can actually do the job. Hiring managers get the comfort of knowing that not only are you skilled and trained by a world class training provider, but you took the initiative to get certified in the first place, showing that you’re serious about a career in IT.

Take the first step towards your new career in IT by contacting our career consultants today for a free, impartial chat about what course is right for you.