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Working with Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project

Being a socially conscious organisation is a moral that lies at the very heart of the Learning People’s agenda.

We strive to recognise this through our staff, partners and the local community.

Late last year this led us to connect with Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project – BUCFP – a charity based in Brighton for the unemployed, low waged, or homeless individuals and their families.

Set up in 1981, staff at BUCFP – paid and voluntary – provide practical support, education and recreation for those in poor housing, claimants, unwaged people and those on low incomes.

At the centre a welcoming community exists, where people with different stories can come together, eat cheap but good quality food, look through clothes donations, use the computer facilities, use the free crèche, participate in a class, gain some legal advice on issues affecting them, and even, at times just to rest in a safe environment.

Knowing it’s our corporate responsibility to play a part in such a good cause, we were eager to see where we could help the centre.

This has taken the form of marketing guidance on their website and social media, voluntary time from members of the Learning People staff, donations, and presents and food for the children’s party BUCFP threw for Christmas.

As our relationship with the charity grows we hope to be able to offer more of our services in order to make life that little bit easier for the staff and users alike. 

Because here at the Learning People we understand that it’s not just enough to make a positive difference in the workplace, it’s also important for us to do what we can to make a lasting difference to the community around us.

To find out more about Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project please visit their website and perhaps take some time to donate today.